It Was Lively. It Was Loud. It Was Lovely.

We had a lovely time at my parent’s house this past weekend. All three of my siblings brought their families to Pennsylvania for three days of community living and connecting. Due to all sorts of different circumstances, we are all a little cash strapped, so we decided to camp in my parent’s backyard instead of trying to find a cabin big enough to accommodate our crew of 10 adults and 13 children. It was a brilliant plan, all except the part where my mom and dad nearly worked themselves to death to get ready for the chaos happy offspring descending upon them. We tried to feed them well and take good care of them over the weekend. I think they had fun.

One thought on “It Was Lively. It Was Loud. It Was Lovely.

  1. They look like they are totally enjoying it:) If i would be a Grandma with such adorable grandchildren, i would be in my glory too:)

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