First Things First

I have a few things on my mind for the day.

  • Laundry. Always. (Remind the little laundry helper to put the detergent into the washer this time.)
  • Process broccoli for the freezer. (Try not to think about how it stinks up the kitchen.)
  • Feed my babies. (Not just food, but stories and maybe popsicles and praise mixed with the inevitable corrections. Always.)
  • Make blackberry jelly from the fruit Gabe picked beside the road.
  • File homeschool affidavits. Order some books for the boys’ upcoming foray into organized learning.
  • Feed my babies again.
  • Give two hair cuts to people who wiggle and shrug their shoulders and complain bitterly about the prickles.
  • Make fun food for the kiddos’ party with the cousins. Cupcakes. Granola bars. Finger jello. (Try not to go bananas when every little body wants to help.)
  • Wait to wash the kitchen floor until the helping/slopping is done.
  • Oversee the job charts and sticker distribution. (Don’t expect what you don’t inspect, you know.)
  • Maybe, if I am really really brave… Go to Walmart to get my glasses fixed and see if I can fit the groceries into the cart with the tot who will probably sit on them.

It will be a good day, even though it has hardly gotten started. I got up early to fatten my soul, and drink my Earl Grey. And if it doesn’t all get done, I pray that at the end of the day our souls are still well nourished. Now, for a piece of peach pie. Quality of life is all about priorities, not? 

4 thoughts on “First Things First

  1. Aww, Dorcas, I love your perspective on life! And you sound so efficient and organized as you start your day:) Enjoy that pie! Love you!

  2. Ahh.. I found your blog at last! So good to hear from other mamas in the trenches!! Sometimes I start to wonder if my crazy life is normal to anyone else:) I needed this tonight!! Thanks..

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