Why I Need Coffee Today

This morning I stirred a bit and mumbled a good bye when Gabe left for work at 5:15. It may have been a little while before I got up and thought about the day. This is what I thought, “I need coffee. Nice and strong. Coffee.” I have a percolator just like this, and I really like it because it fits into my cupboard, thus saving valuable counter space. When I picked up the stem thingy that holds up the cup for the grounds, I discovered that the spring thingy that keeps the cup at just the right level so that the hot water runs over the grounds and not straight down the sides was missing. Wait, what did I just explain? Oh, yes, the spring was missing, which causes the end-result of coffee to be weak and sorry.

So there was nothing for it but to ask the children, one of whom was already awake and said she saw Gregory playing with it. Here is what I did. I woke Gregory and he said, “No, it was Rita, and she was playing with it when she was making stuff with clay and all I did was put it back on the counter.” I kneaded the clay, but didn’t find the missing part. Rita was still pretty sleepy, but she insisted that she had no idea where the spring went. I gave up on their dubious trail of breadcrumbs and brewed without the spring. It was weak and sorry. When Alex emerged for breakfast, he remembered having played with the spring last night before we went to church. I assured him that he would be spending some time looking for it before school.

Everybody ate their eggs and toast like the chipper little devouring chickies that they are. All except me, since you may recall that I am on a diet that says toast is bad. Coffee, yes, toast, no. And then Alex did find the spring and he also gathered the dirty laundry, of which there was a considerable amount, what with church twice yesterday. There were also a number of perfectly clean things that got chucked into the girls’ hamper when someone zealously cleaned up their room.

We started school with me checking the last three days’ worth of assignments and especially tests. I discovered that my 6th grade boy totally did not get the chapter in History on the government with its three main branches and numerous obscure sub-branches, therefore bombing the test. I feel really bad about this because I had planned to tutor him on it before he does the test, since he had also bombed the quiz, but I forgot and what’s more: I never really understood it myself. DVD school does not fix all problems, that is for sure. There was also the little matter of skipped stuff in math lessons for both boys, necessitating penalties and a pep talk.

The wind is not in my sails this morning, so I am at a dead-calm, sitting in the water, writing. I have encountered 2 little clay snakes placed in strategic locations by my second boy and I have not even blinked, much less screamed. This is his idea of a joke, but it isn’t working on a half-asleep mom with only weak coffee. I am on the third load of laundry, resolutely plowing through the loads, grateful for a dryer on this damp and raw day.

Eventually I will deal with the watery tea party that the little girls set up on the sofa while I was busy checking tests and feeling bad. We will likely be sitting on towels for a few days. I will put away the dishes that they cleared out of the dishwasher and I will supervise a major clean-up of all areas, but especially the places where I like to walk. Tripping does tend to hamper progress and frustrate productivity, I have found. In due course I will fix my bed and figure out lunch and dinner.

Probably what I will do next is go fix the children mochas with the weak coffee and I will put whipped cream on top. They will think it is amazing and give me lots of compliments. I may just feel a gust of airy ambition flowing toward me; the sails are starting to flap.

Anybody else need coffee today?

10 thoughts on “Why I Need Coffee Today

  1. Yes yes yes!!! My sails are folded and limp, I’m chilled and sleepy and don’t feel even a shred of ambition. Maybe I need to brew a nice cup of earl grey.

      1. I have learned that Earl Grey, although not capable of a caffeine kick, does a nice job assuaging my self pity concerning the coffee issue.

  2. it must be in the air today. My kids are totally off their rocker due to a late naps yesterday and a very late bedtime, and my laundry has yet to be started. Ambition must have followed pops to FL πŸ˜‰

  3. Hmm… and I’m blaming mine on the frigid outdoor temperatures and too many late nights, yes… that includes wrapping sausage till 1:00am, on a saturday night..Thankfully, the children are happily playing dispite my own lack of vigor…..excuse me as I brew a second pot of coffee, for the second half of the day….:)

  4. You need stout Honduras coffee, made with a French press! And since your sense of humor is obviously still alive and well, I don’t feel too terribly sorry for you. πŸ˜›
    (You can always kick me later.)

    1. That was the sad part: It was Honduras coffee, and I felt sorry that I wasted 10 cups worth of grounds on a trial run in a perc that didn’t work right. But it was humorous, even at the time. So was the pile of play dough Addy stomped into the carpet and so were the 20 apples that she methodically bit out of and stashed around the house. I truly had a good day, because it was so hilarious. πŸ™‚

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