My Chortle of the Day

You know how you can be listening to a long-winded story while doing other stuff, and occasionally saying, “Uh huh. Yeah.” And you know the kid that cannot be concise, no matter what, so you tend to tune out a lot?  You say, “Please hurry,” and he thinks you said, “Tell me more about your alleged dream while you clear the table.” I nearly missed a choice bit because of my habit of tuning out. But I did hear it, and here it is for you.

We were driving home at dusk, windows open, looking for wildlife. There was a general roar of visiting going on in the back of the van when we topped a hill and were treated to three does and three fawns, staring at us curiously. The roar loudened with the escalated levels of excitement, and as we drove slowly on, I heard Gregory dredging up a tale. “I read in a book that vinegar-ana has so many deer that they call them their state bird.” While I was still going, HUH, Alex took a brief break from his own story to say, “VIRGINIA.” 

I am proud to say that I did not burst out laughing until a suitable amount of time had passed so no feelings were hurt. I urge you, listen to your children. It is better than a comic strip.

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