Rejuvenate: Make Fresh, Renew

Last week one morning I dumped  the contents of my purse onto my bed, sorted out the hair bands, diapers, pencil stubs, gum wrappers and cheerios container before I replaced my wallet, day planner and phone. I had a separate bag of toiletries and yet another large canvas tote of school books. Rather giddily, I loaded them into the car and took off, just me, for 24 hours. I was on a quest for some brain space and quietness to plan out the coming school year. Normally I am happy with a fairly fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants schedule. However, that approach gives me a nasty feeling of loose ends flying about me during the school term. I love learning with our children, but this year August came with it’s aisles full of back to school deals and I didn’t even want to think about math and history. So my thoughtful husband gave me a day off, completely, while he took care of the kiddies.

It was odd. I haven’t been all by myself for that space of time since I began having babies, ten years ago. It was oddly fun, too. I spent so much time at Hobby Lobby that I started feeling embarrassed. Then I found a tea room and took my canvas tote full of school resources inside where I sipped chocolate hazelnut tea out of a china teacup and nibbled a cranberry scone while I read “Books Children Love” and scribbled notes.

I thought long uninterrupted thoughts. I even spaced out and didn’t think for a while. At suppertime I was pleased to find that I can still make a salad last for an hour. Being of a frugal bent, I checked into a motel with econo in its name, despite Gabe’s protests. 😉  It did have a king sized bed and I slept until I woke naturally,  (Okay, it is also natural to be awakened by babies… but I slept until I couldn’t sleep anymore.) figuring it must be about seven o’clock. It was closer to nine which meant I had to scramble to get some continental breakfast. My economy room  had a large desk where I could spread out my stuff and set to long range planning. Never mind that the remote was held together by duck tape. I didn’t need it anyway. I needed quietness. At noon I checked out, went to the super, back-to-school sales with a lot more enthusiasm, and stocked up on glue sticks and pencils and cheap notebooks.

I had intended to stop at the tea room again, but something strange happened. I couldn’t wait to come home.

4 thoughts on “Rejuvenate: Make Fresh, Renew

  1. For some strange reason, I feel like crying after reading this. Maybe its the happiness of knowing how fun that must have been, maybe its the fact that your hubby was so thoughtful and caring, I really don’t know. Regardless, I nearly shivered with delight! So glad you had that chance!

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