Stepping off the Chili Soup

My Blogging instructor says I should fiddle with my theme today, try some others, see if I like them better. I have a seasonal theme called Sunny Day or some such, which I picked because it was bright blue and cheerful on the summer setting. Every once in a while I remember to change it when the seasons change, but I did notice that there are still falling leaves at the bottom right now. I never will be a savvy blogger with all the bells and whistles, making money off publishing my ideas. Well, never say never.

Recently I have been made aware that the ad bar at the bottom of my posts is displaying some distinctly bottom-feeder ads, to “help defray the cost of a free blog”. I never see them, so I cannot complain without a screen shot to prove my complaint to the higher ups who are defraying costs. If you see an offensive ad, please message me or send me a screen shot at the email address on my About page. Maybe I will just need to shell out the bucks to remove all ads.

Still, as the people who have to look at the theme, what do you say? You ought to have a voice here, don’t you think? How much does it matter to you how a blog looks? My personal preference is for little clutter and nothing blinky. I love beautiful photos and clean lines but I like artsy stuff too. If you open the site one day and woah! everything looks funny, it’s just me messing in the back somewhere, finding my “voice”. No, wait. The voice is the way you convey ideas in blogese. I will be looking for the right ambience.

Meanwhile, would you like to know what I should be doing? I should be feeding my chicks their breakfast. We need to be very quiet this morning since Gabe got home from his shift at 4AM. Cold cereal is quiet. Yay! The children are used to the drill. They drift into the living room sleepily, pick up books and whisper because anything more gets a fast and loud, “Shhh,” from Mama.

After the silent cheerios crunching, :/ (seriously, I struggle so much with annoyance at the noises of people eating cereal) it’s downstairs to do school. I need to write out Gregory’s assignments for the next week. Usually I do them 5 days at a time and a week goes faster than you can believe. We started this system of assignments written down in a notebook by the day, where they have to show me a completed row of checkmarks at the end of the day before they may move to the next one. This has helped a lot with missing homework. It’s all homework around here, but I mean science questions not answered, English paragraphs not written, quizzes not done. (It happens.)

On my kitchen counter I have ingredients for a big pot of chili for lunch. Gabe’s parents plan to stop in and he will be awake by then. I really should be chopping an onion about now, as well as making sure the coffee cake gets baked in my oven that is slowly letting me down by taking longer and longer to preheat. If I want to get it done by lunchtime, I had better go turn on the oven.

I have a lot of steps to get in today, too. Gabe got both of us those personal fitness trainer wristbands that sync to an app on your phone. We are counting steps and trying to be more active. It’s February, you know, and not particularly fun to go outside here in PA. I walk around my house a lot, though, just picking up stuff on the floor and keeping an eye on things in general. Haha. Yesterday I logged over 8,000 steps which is about 4 miles. I didn’t think that was too bad for a SAHM! Still, it’s not fair to compare, because Gabe did over 12,000 and passed me up while I was either sitting in church or sleeping. Olivia suggested that I go to the bathroom really often during the meeting last night at church. 🙂

Gotta jog along!



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