I am allowed…

… to eat marshmallow peeps at Easter because I like them.

… to have a flip flop collection, and to wear them in the snow when I get the mail. If there is any snow, that is.

… to hang a hammock in February and lie in it on every sunny day.

… to sleep on my husband’s side of the bed when he’s on night shift, just because it feels different than my side of the bed.

… to paint any room I want to paint.

… to throw away clothes that make me feel ugly.

… to dote on my chickens and buy them treats.

… to keep buying children’s books even though my children are not little anymore.

… to put as much cream in my decaf coffee as I want.

… to rearrange the furniture in my house when I need a fresh look, even if it’s the same furniture and the same house and other people think that’s funny.

… to decline politely when I don’t want to play a board game, specifically Monopoly or Life.

… to be a word nerd and make lists of good words and think about ways to put them together.

… to spend money on a writing course and take time to practice what I’m learning.

… to plant flowers everywhere in the garden, even in the vegetable rows.

… to laugh at my wobbly shopping cart wheel and show others how hilarious it is.

… to cry when I’m reading a book that touches my heart or singing a song that expresses my longings.

…to hide the Cadbury mini eggs and dole them out bit by bit so that they last for a while, because the Easter season has the best candy.

… to walk the two miles to the garage to pick up a vehicle that has now been fixed for the very last time, I hope.

My walking buddy

Last night one of our writing prompts was “I am allowed,” and that’s where my thoughts went. Are there things you’re allowed?..

6 thoughts on “I am allowed…

  1. I am allowed to thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts and inspirations with us.😄 I hope your vehicle will stay out of the garage for a looong time ! 😀😀 Blessings on your day!!

  2. I am allowed to be unproductive and to sit on my recliner with a fuzzy blanket on this dreary, grey day, while the raindrops cling to the window screens and the washer churns in the background.

  3. This exercise was so much fun!
    I’m allowed to swing my arms freely…. To take up space…. To have opinions about many things…. To not care what I think about many things…. To buy a new rug when I feel like it… To feel sadness…. To put my chilly feet on my husband’s warm body… To eat shoofly pie for breakfast…
    Makes me realize that being an adult isn’t so bad after all. 😂

  4. For some reason, part of my above comment is missing. I had also said I loved that you mentioned saying no to board games! #metoo

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