The Short Month is Over

Who woulda’ thunk it? I left the last day until the last minute, but I can’t give up now, seeing as I almost made my goal. I will leave you to imagine how many times I rather scraped bottom in this challenge I put up for myself. I am well aware that sometimes what oozed up from the bottom was sub-par filler, but I actually enjoyed the discipline. However, it is as Journey Mama says, “Being a writer means being away, dreaming of another place. And mothering requires absolute presence.” I probably can’t afford to do this too often. Eyes rolled at times when Mama needed to write. Nobody was actually bodily neglected, but still…

As for the scrapbooking challenge? I did do Rita’s book, from birth to age 4. May I mention that RIta absolutely loves her book. She pores over it, asking me to read the journaling again and again. “And that was the time I picked all your roses, wasn’t it?” It amuses me that they “remember” their babyhood through these albums, which is the whole point. I did not do all 295 photos, though. I put the rest into a drawer and cleared up all the paraphernalia in my reading room, and now I can sit and dawdle March away. Or not.

This morning I told the children we are going to take a day off the textbooks. Instead, we did one hour of work, then one hour of reading, then another hour of work, etc. It was really fun and we got a lot done. It is Gabe’s weekend to work in the ER, so we will do school tomorrow instead of today. I have to keep a firm grip on myself, or I completely lose track of what day it is. Since our schedule no longer revolves around the weekend, our “Saturday” will be on Tuesday when he next has a day off. See what I mean?

Tonight was our church’s annual couple’s night. As always, the ambiance and the food were amazing. It was an oasis, dropping off the children at the schoolhouse and having a leisurely meal and grown-up conversations with friends in a candlelit room.

All week my little guys were anticipating it, “Couple’s night is so much fun!” They were referring to the babysitters’ efforts to keep a large herd of little people occupied and happy. To the youth who invested in them tonight: God bless you, every one! Someday my children will babysit yours. :O

That pretty much concludes my stream of consciousness for the last evening in February. Thank you for being such loyal friends to me and encouraging me along the way.

3 thoughts on “The Short Month is Over

  1. I find myself going to my email expecting a new post, only to remember february is over! Hopefully it didn’t burn you out and your break won’t be too long.:)

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