Reliving my Babies

I have never put together any sort of photo album for the two smallest girls. Olivia’s is done up to 18 months, with about three years to go. Each of my children get one personal hand-scrapbooked album, which usually fills up at about 4 years old. When Rita was 3 months, we had a computer crash that wiped out years of photos, then we had camera fiascos and I lost the memory card in the bowels of the CD reader one dark night. You could say it hasn’t been the most fortunate set of circumstances. For a long time I held out hope that my brother could retrieve our files off the crashed computer, but alas, it was not to be. Eventually friends and Facebook albums provided me with some of her as a newborn, so I have cobbled together a file of about 300 photos that I am getting developed to put into their books. That is about 295 more pictures than I have from the first four years of my life, so I think they will be fine. 🙂

Anyway, I have been looking at our photo archives, and every now and then I would say, “Gabe, come look at this! Remember this expression? Can you believe how little they were when Addy was born?” And so on and so forth with the stuff parents say and then resolve to enjoy the moment more. I will spare you, but just share a few snapshots that make me smile.


Four years ago, the happiest, jolliest baby ever.


She’s a Tomato Peight. (Someday I will post my husband’s essay on the subject.)


The child has a surprising aptitude with scissors.


And here we are four years later. Next thing I know her dad will be walking her down the aisle.

4 thoughts on “Reliving my Babies

  1. Your babies are fat adorable little people that often remind me of my own. That little watermelon face is absolutely adorable!!!

  2. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!! I feel for you with the missing pictures. My heart would die a little, i think. But you’re right that even with what you have it is soooo much more than what earlier parents had.

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