Snow Day, 2


My children asked me, “What’s a snow day?” And I had the startling revelation that they really don’t know. We used to sing a song at school, “Whatever the weather, we’ll make it together,” but we should have added a quick clause: “Except when it snows and sleets and freezes too much.” Homeschoolers, however, do the whatever the weather thing. It’s the time of year when too much study drags down little people but we have to keep on going. So we think up excuses to have tea parties. We always make a party for the beginning of school, the half-way point, and the grand finale at the end. We have tea parties on birthdays and holidays and as rewards when the house is all cleaned up. Even the boys love it! We just eat our ordinary food, except we pretty it up with garnishes and cut teeny squares of bars to serve on glass plates and everybody gets a little candy favor.

I have no glass-fronted hutch to display my pretty dishes, so unless I use them, I never see them. We keepΒ watch at second-hand stores to replace the teacups that happen to get broken. None of them are heirlooms or priceless, but it is so much more fun to drink out of teacups with dainty handles.

Now I decided that we will also party for snow days. Because snow days should be fun! While the boys were finishing up with their history classes, the girls dressed in pretty dresses with flowers in their hair. We spread the lace table cloth and got out the brand new tea party dishes! (Goodwill, 2.99 πŸ™‚ ) It took us about an hour to prepare and then it was time for fun! It was a Snow Day!






12 thoughts on “Snow Day, 2

  1. This post makes me smile and smile. Someday you may look back on this season from your rocking chair, and decide that these days were the best of your life.
    Your children may envy the vacation days their schooling buddies are having right now, but when those same buddies are going to school in June, your children won’t wish to trade with them.

    PS. I got to see your little brother recently, and was happy to introduce him to my husband and daughter.

  2. My girls occasionally beg for a day off too. I tell them they really don’t want to do school all summer, it will be late enough as we plan to take off a few weeks for baby’s advent. I like your tea party idea, my girls LOVE tea parties. I admit I’ve wished for traditional snow days too- just doing fun things without worrying about studies!

  3. Such sweet pics! Enjoy your days with your kiddos! I have the blessing of sending mine to a good school which takes a lot off of me, but I really do miss them so much. School days are SOOO nice, but we’re not getting very many:(

      1. That was supposed to say snow days are nice, not school!:) Totally different idea there! You are getting more snow than we are these days. We are wishing for a little snow, if that isn’t nuts or what! All we have is frigidness!!!!

  4. I simply must bring more magic into my childrens days. I am determined to do this more. The pictures of your children are delightful, but it just hit me how much your girls look like some of the girls in our family. The second picture of the little blond girly looks like Sumyr, and the last picture looks so much like Richards Victoria. Maybe its just the way the pictures were taken.

    1. They do, El. I have often thought that Sumyr and Rita have similarly shaped faces. And with Livvie, it’s the hair, I think, as well as the chin. πŸ™‚

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