Snow Day, 1

You saw this coming, didn’t you? The not-very-prefessional photos of sticky snow on everything… the only kind of snow pictures I take. I love our back yard. My husband has worked long and extremely hard on the slope of gravel and weeds we got when we bought the place. When snow  clings to everything, it feels like I got transported to the enchantment of a gingerbread village. That’s why I went outside yesterday, early, with my bright-eyed, chirpy little girl who always gets up first.

We did a little backyard tour, then we topped it off with saucer rides down the playhouse hill, short, but very steep and speedy. When we got back into the house, the rest of the crew was just groggily starting to stir, but we had already seen this:


Window Boxes


Garden Bench


Grapes and Raspberries




Blueberry Bush

Image The Swimming Hole


Meditation Spot on the Deck, with Flower Pots

ImageMarshmallow Roasting Fire Pit




Cherry Tree (in foreground) Ornamental Plum (background)


Garden Shed Designed by my Husband


Ornamental Apple Tree that Blooms Profusely

I doubt you saw all the things that I saw, but I saw them, and they are real under all that fluff.

8 thoughts on “Snow Day, 1

  1. The garden shed and playhouse are novel worthy. And when I say that, I mean that a whole novel needs to be built around that amazing garden shed!!! I like these glimpses of your backyard. Now I am hungry for blueberries.

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