I Want Warm Snow

It snowed overnight, a gorgeous layer of white covering up all the ugly gray from the road dirt. I can’t help it, I do love a fresh snowfall. It’s just the cold that gets me. There is this ski slope, manmade in Dubai, totally indoors. Wouldn’t that be strange, stepping out of the blazing hot desert to go skiing? I am certain that if I lived in a climate where average daytime temperatures are above 100 degrees, I would fantasize about winter in snow land.

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow yesterday, they say, although I don’t know how that is possible, since it was dreary and cloudy. We sure didn’t see any shadows yesterday. But now they say we are going to have winter weather well into the month of March. According to this news article, Phil has seen his shadow 100 times to 17 times of not seeing it.  Isn’t that annoying? “No one questions Phil’s dedication to prognostication, but his accuracy is an unending source of controversy.” Well. Duh.

I thought Groundhog Day was unique to PA, but lo and behold, there are quite a few states with this silly little ritual. Atlanta’s groundhog is called General Beau Lee. New York’s is just Chuck. Oh well, I suppose we have to do something between Squirrel Appreciation Day (January 21) and Valentine’s Day.

7 thoughts on “I Want Warm Snow

  1. Squirrel appreciation day? I don’t like Punxsutawny Phil. (I have not had my earl grey yet, my brain is still thinking in small sound bites)

  2. I’ve seen more snow this winter than in any of my previous (Southern) winters, but this one must be the prettiest yet. The good news is that my teacher husband once again has the day off school. The bad news is that the snow days have now eaten up our entire spring break. Back to my coffee for another meditative sip…

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