Walking with my Boys

The sun came out today, finally! I decided to go on a walk for a dose of what we like to call Vitamin Sunshine. I invited my energetic male offspring to bike alongside me. Here is how the walk went from my boys’ view.

Before we ever started, “Go back inside for gloves and socks. It’s colder than it looks.”

“And zip your coat!”

Begin walk. Pedal, pedal, pedal. Skiiiiiiidddd. “Wow! Did you see that long skid mark I made?” Pedal, pedal, skiiiidddd. Pedal, skiiiddd.

“Watch out or I am gonna rear end you! I guess then I will just have to pay the damages.” Veer around Mama, pedal frantically, SSKKKKIIIIDDD. Mama is suitably impressed and laughs. SSSKKKIIIDDD.

Make rude noises at the neighbor’s chained dogs, including belches that Mama pretends not to hear.

“Watch out! Here comes a rocket!” Pedal, pedal, pedal, fantastic rocket sssskkkiiiddd.

Inspect tires and comment on how worn the back ones are. Ssskkkiiiddd. Explain to Mama why it is that the back tires wear out sooner.

Make interesting tracks in the snow that lingers in the ditches beside the road.

Turn around at the bottom of the hill and start puffing up, too tired to pedal. Scuff, scuff, scuff along in boots. Discuss Groundhog Day and what is the point and will we have spring soon.

Level off at the top of the hill, just where our lane hits the road. Hop back onto bikes. Pedal, pedal, pedal, sssskkkiiiddd into an abrupt, gravel rearranging stop in front of the porch.

That, my friends, is what going on a walk means to a little boy.

4 thoughts on “Walking with my Boys

  1. So well written, I don’t even need a walk to feel refreshed!
    And i remember skkiiddding myself somewhere in another world ๐Ÿ˜‰

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