It’s Friday!

Friday puts me into a gala mood! It shouldn’t, because it is the day I have slated to catch up with housework that hasn’t gotten done all week. We finish up the school week on Saturday mornings. I have one full day to do other stuff! Here is what I want to do today:

  • Start my new book,Tears of the Giraffe  
  • Finish crocheting my lime green slouch beret
  • Sew up that lovely piece of fabric my sister sent me
  • Have another crack at mozzarella cheese
  • Play Settlers with the boys
  • Make granola, chock full of yummy stuff like coconut oil and sunflower seeds and chopped almonds
  • Play with my Cricut… cards for Valentine’s Day

Here is what I should do today:

  • Scrub my bathroom, top to bottom
  • Check yesterday’s school lessons
  • Wash the sticky prints off the kitchen windows
  • Change all the sheets
  • Remove the surface clutter from the horizontal surfaces
  • Dust those surfaces

Ughh. I think I will just stop there. Maybe I will light a few candles and sip some coffee while I think about my options. I never can figure out why my lists of want-to-dos and should-dos don’t merge better.


One thought on “It’s Friday!

  1. Hmm… I wanna come sip coffee with you this morning, and yes with that that yummy salted caramel!! 🙂 (I think that will be on my ‘to do’ list today:)There’s just something about fridays! I awake, knowing there’s so much that should be done, but really feel like lounging in bed with a good book and letting everything else fly. This morning began with serving my girlies breakfast in bed, just hoping spilled cranberry juice won’t come back to bite me! We’ll see what else we can get into! This winter thing is almost eating us up right now!! Spring, come quickly!! Love to you and your littles 2day!!

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