An Exercise For a Frustrated Mother




Sometimes when that little blond one has done something. Again. Something really naughty or messy or particularly exasperating…  Like the time she ate my Very Special Hidden Chocolate for Hormonal Moments, or the time she dipped into the birthday cake before the party, or the time she completely emptied a new shaving cream bottle into the tub, or the time she cut all the tags off and tried on the clothes I bought for baby gifts… You get the idea. Those times when I hear my voice getting a little high pitched and desperate, I remind myself of these moments. She had totally denuded the miniature rosebush beside the front door, but she did it to make a cake for me! It really helps to get a little perspective on the matter at hand!

2 thoughts on “An Exercise For a Frustrated Mother

  1. Her face! It just grips me! You know someday she will go far and affect many people! Don’t get discouraged in raising this one. She will probably get saved easily because she will so obviously need Jesus. 🙂 she will have none of the “but I have never even wanted to be bad” attitude. But seriously that little face makes me laugh. Such love for her Mommy!

  2. Yes, El, she has a tender little heart and gives the biggest smackers of kisses and weeps copious tears when Gabe leaves before she is up to hug him goodbye. Nearly always when I assess the reason for her naughtiness or messes, I find that it was not premeditated. Except when she sneaks the chocolate…

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