Days, that is. Today we officially completed our school year. To say I am feeling a bit mellow and happy about that, well… it’s hard to describe just how I am feeling. Like, Wow! What a long year! And how did it go so fast? And Wow! We made it! We filled our last week with fire safety instruction and field trips and writing pages and health. All the odds and ends got neatly tied up and we are done! (I even! finished! our portfolios!)

This morning I made me an enormous cup of tea in the mug I bought at the beginning of the school year. Isn’t it funny how Greg framed the photo he took? 🙂


It was a great motto for the year, though I confess there were days when I didn’t feel like lifting weights while I drank my tea. Also, I didn’t always have the luxury of two hands free. And again, I did not always have time to run to the bathroom three times before lunch. But yes, we did get here one day at a time. Simplistic, I know, and yet I feel the profundity deep down. I am not thinking too much about it right now. Just feeling thankful, is all.

5 thoughts on “180

  1. Greg framed it perfectly! Haven’t you noticed that it is very popular to have photos of only a portion of your face? 😉 seriously, I like the picture and congrats on the 180!

  2. way to go! I know the feeling! we finished up the last lesson last week just the day before we left to go to va for my baby sister’s wedding. 🙂

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