The Nitty Grits

So we all breathe each other’s air, and we all get a little bored these days. Recently I have been convicted of  automatically saying, “No, just go read a book,” whenever the children want to do (messy) creative stuff. This is probably because of the Inertia of too Much to Do coupled with the Fear of Huge Messes. Reading books may be all right for a while, but it gets to be blasé in a long, confined, cold time. Nor can one always think up jobs for the bored child. It comes down to the nitty grits. My life for yours. My small hour of clean floor sacrificed for your fun. Not such a big deal, really, when one comes to think of it.

I decided to try saying, “Sure, let’s do that!” to as many requests as I reasonably can. I didn’t tell the kiddos, of course. 🙂 I am smarter than that!

Why, yes, I guess we can make carrot halva, Gregory. Isn’t it so interesting that they put that recipe in your Reading book? (Inner groans. It says to cook one hour, then fry twenty minutes, stirring constantly, so it doesn’t burn. Betcha I know who will be doing most of the stirring.)

Greg cooking halva

delectable halva

Sure, let’s cook up some play dough. You want to do all the food colorings? Okay. Just don’t mix the colors in the tubs.

Yes, I think a tea party would be a lot of fun. You set the table while I get the food ready. (And oh, the drama in the interim. Who invented tea parties, anyway?)

boys tea party

No, you may not have candy right now. I know you went potty, but we are having lunch soon.

Sure, give everybody a mandarin orange. That won’t spoil your appetite.

Let’s all go outside and explore (in the mud and cold)!  (Even if it means I will have to tote a 26 pound tot who can’t maneuver too well in boots.)

A play dough party with all the cookie cutters? (Crumbs, crumbs, crumbs. I just swept the floor.) Okay. You are going to have to help with cleanup, though.

dirt cleanup


No! Don’t eat that bread crust!!!

Well, just be sure to put all the paints and brushes away when the baby wakes up.

Oh, yes, Hide and Seek will be so much fun if we turn off all the lights. (Hey, stop following me! Go find your own hiding place!)

You want to make something fun? How about Peanut Blossoms? (Fractions. Lord, let him get these fractions!) Okay, you are gonna have to wait to lick your fingers until you are all done.

Yes, we can watch “Mission to Mir” as soon as the living room is cleaned up.

No, you may not sit beside each other and toss golf balls back and forth while I read your Bible story. …Just because…

Okay. One more story. But not that long one.

Well, I guess you can read for a little while in bed.

Yes, I do like you, children.

4 thoughts on “The Nitty Grits

  1. I bet your children are a happy sleepy crew! There is definitely fulfillment in knowing that. This is a kind of mother every child loves to have. Thanks for stepping on my toes tonight.

    1. Hi,Rose! These activities were scattered over the course of days! However, I do find that they are more easily entreated in other things when I take time to do fun stuff with them… Makes sense.

  2. Being a Yes Mom. Its a good thing. I am always a yes Mom, unless I forget, or all they ask is “may we watch a movie” or “can we have a pack of crackers” or when I forget…. I am ALWAYS a yes Mom. (sadly, saying so doesn’t make it so) I want to be a yes Mom too.

  3. I just realized that you don’t always post links to your blog on facebook and that I missed lots of your updates. So I’ve been entertaining myself by reading through your posts. Something about that halva pic made me laugh. Renita helped (or made it mostly by herself) Fred and Alannah make some too.

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