February the One’th

Here we are! I have been thinking about my February tradition of a daily post and worrying about it just a little bit. All my spare time has disappeared alarmingly into the maw of daily algebra lessons. Not to make too big a deal of it, but if I don’t know this stuff anymore by the time I am fifty, it won’t be the fault of Pensacola Christian Academy’s Algebra 1 teacher. Her homework assignments are quite rigorous enough, thank you!

Tomorrow I plan to give you A Day in the Life, just so you are kind if I don’t make it with my daily posts. I do relish the challenge, though, and I really love the connections. I actually even made a plan for some of my posts so that I don’t scratch bottom too hard. This is a huge departure from my usual winging-it style. No outlines though. Not yet.

We are deep into projects at our house these days. The floor can only be described as “rubble-covered” for a great deal of the time. There’s mud outside, with occasional blanketing snows that only last 24 hours, thanks to our indisputable global warming. The younger children are drawing and coloring, taking turns to read aloud from our current favorite storybooks by Elizabeth Enright. After we finished The Saturdays and Four Story Mistake, we went on to the Gone Away Lake set. I love stories that were written in the 1950’s and 60’s. Sometimes I wish I could go back and raise my children then.

In wintertime, I make a point of stepping outside the house every day, usually for a walk and some outlook renewal all by myself. Today I felt so annoyed at the chaos that accumulated from our “normal” living that I figured it would take a really long time to step it off. It was colder than I thought, though, and I hadn’t dressed warmly enough. I came to my senses speedily and was glad for shelter inside my own front door again, despite all that mess. So then I did the logical thing. I fixed my bed and cleaned out a drawer. It was 4 PM.  Haha. At least there is one restful place for me to go and one organized drawer I can open and feel good about. (It harbors a super-secret bar of dark chocolate, which is actually where the good feeling comes from.)

I had been out long enough to make up my mind about supper. It was definitely going to include a chef’s salad and mac n cheese, since these are dishes my kitchen-duty son could handle. I decided to do the stripes of goodies myself, just because cooking should always be this much fun.

chef salad.jpg

It’s February! Shall we travel it together? When we come out at the end, spring will be just around the corner. HE PROMISED.




6 thoughts on “February the One’th

  1. Algebra 1 and Geometry…. We made it through and sometimes we do wonder how we did it. Our son is a senior this year and winding down quickly on our day 100 (today). He has the required maths behind him in grades 10 & 11!! My sympathy on those rough days.

    1. Good for you and your son! We are trying to work hard toward credits now, before he is old enough to get a job and has to reach around further. He scored another 100 on his last test. THink I could just turn him loose on his own now? 😉

  2. Oooo! That salad is to die for. (Hopefully not, really. But on a wintery blowsy February day, one might almost think so.) Good for you, tackling algebra. The more you stretch your brain, Alzheimer’s is just that much farther away. 🙂

  3. I was getting worried that your beloved tradition of daily posts in February had died an early death… so glad to know you are doing this again!

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