Winners and Celebrating, in Season and out of Season

I did the drawing for the winner of my giveaway. My method was convoluted and random, just like March weather, which has turned a little stinky cold, by the way. Still, this morning I awoke to only a dusting of snow instead of the three inches predicted for the first day of spring, so hope is alive and well.

Oh, wait, the winner. I looked at the entries and picked my favorite person. Actually, no, March might be that capricious, but I would never be. I love all of you who told me your favorite places and I wanted you all to win. I felt like you all deserved some books; I was really interested in how many of my friends are perfectly happy at home with their families. I did think that someone might mention the bathtub as their favorite place. Anyway, thanks for weighing in with your opinions.

usborne giveaway

The random drawing falls on the lovely Hillarey who commented:

“My favorite place in “de whole wide world” is : snuggled up with my man at the end of the day, kiddos fast asleep. It’s where I feel the safest and most loved.

My Alexei-who-is-three says, “I want dat train book!” I unabashedly hope to win! And now I must go corral the Alexei-who-is-three because he is helping himself to a snack.

PS- Your kids are charming!”

I am glad that Alexei-who-is-three gets his wish, aren’t you? I will put in an unabashed plug for my Usborne business here, saying that I can facilitate lots of free books for you with a successful Facebook or in-home book show. And no, I had no intentions at all of putting in an ad when I decided to do the giveaway. That just slipped in for your amusement. 😛 And books. I always give away books. It’s the loving thing to do.

Resurrection Garden

In other news, I have daffodils blooming in a vase on my kitchen windowsill and baby broccolis and tomatoes sprouting and 12 rows of wrinkly little pea seeds in the soft dirt of the kitchen garden. We also have a resurrection garden with green moss growing over the little flower pot tomb. We put a flat round stone in front of the tomb’s opening, ready to roll it away so we can put a lighted tealight inside on Easter. I was firmly under the impression that Easter was yesterday. At church I was so bugged that we didn’t sing a single resurrection song when it should be such a glorious celebration. Then we had some friends over for lunch and they said, “But it’s not Easter today!” So I rest my case that I am losing my mind. You may note that I am not “loosing” my mind, therefore all is not lost.

Our church choir gave a special program last night and I sat there with tears dripping down  my cheeks as I let it sink in again, How Deep the Father’s Love for Us. How about you? Do you have special Easter celebrations that point to the empty tomb?


3 thoughts on “Winners and Celebrating, in Season and out of Season

  1. I won’t lie, I felt a little teary when I saw I won. 🙂 It’s been a long, hard week. My sweet 11 month old girlie came down with a confirmed case of Influenza B on Tuesday and by Wednesday I was also in bed with the flu (until Sunday); Thursday my two boys followed suit. My hubby waited til Saturday, thank goodness! Sometimes it’s easy to feel miserable in my soul, not just my body, especially when I just want to go be alone and sick, but I have a baby nursing every hour and little people really wanting petting. God kept sending sunshine so my soul didn’t get too sick …..a surprise package mailed by sister BEFORE anyone was sick, the friend who wouldn’t let me reimburse her for the diapers and juice she picked up for me when no one could leave the house, the fresh fruit ALREADY CUT UP! and flowers from my sister in law, and now some fun new books! Thanks Dorcas, and Jesus!

  2. Aaawww, I’m so happy for my beautiful Hillarey friend!!! Sounds like you needed that special God hug from Dort. 😉
    And Mrs. Peight, thank you for not loosing your mind! Grrrr.
    As always, thank you for sharing your gift of words with the rest of us.
    And, happy Easter next week!

  3. I think I’m as happy for Hillarey as I’ve been when I won a giveaway! Those books look soo perfect for your boys… And Dorcas, it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who forgets things. 🙂

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