Brain Dump

My assignment for today is to try to set up a plan for a regular feature on the blog. It’s a good idea, really, but I don’t have any idea how to narrow down the options. What if I don’t feel Wacky or Wordless on Wednesday? Suppose Thursday slips by without a Throwback? Maybe Sunday Salute won’t work every weekend.

That’s why they gave the assignment: impulse bloggers like me, who wait to write until the words swarm, are supposed to get a bit of structure and discipline so that people can count on a regular post. We are supposed to have posts ready ahead of time and scheduled to publish whether we are online or not. That’s what serious writers do as a courtesy to their audience. Sometimes I don’t even have a clue what will be for dinner on Wacky Wednesday and I just start stirring around in the fridge until something pops out. I could probably learn to do the same with writing if I had a little help. Here are some examples.

  1. Stream of Consciousness Saturday
  2. What’s Underneath?
  3. Sweet and Sappy Stories
  4. Making of a Mom
  5. Day in the Life… of someone..?
  6. Homeschool Highlights
  7. Routines for Rest
  8. Growing Goodness
  9. The Dish on Dieting
  10. Best Books to Buy

Okay, see my problem? I can’t think of anything catchy or clever enough to hit me between the eyes. Besides, I am running out of steam here. I feel like a chicken that has laid 24 eggs in rapid succession. That’s where your help comes in. Please, tell me what you would like to see as a regular feature. I will set out a list and you can give me votes or suggestions. I won’t make any promises, but it would help me. Don’t bother with number 9. It was a joke.

9 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. Well, I wanted to hear your dish on dieting.😊 I don’t think you have to be trendy or follow a list if you don’t want to. I think the way you do it now is great!

  2. Wow you’ve gone the assignment already! I’ve only been awake half an hour! I feel just like you! What if I don’t feel Wacky on Wednesday, or Fun on Friday isnt happening? Oh well, I’m sure we will thing of something. Keep up the good work!

  3. Some of my all time favorites have been your raw, real posts related to parenting and/or love & marriage. Great stuff!

  4. I’m thinking homeschooling and rest. Maybe those two just go together. If you homeschool, you have to have some kind of rest routine in place or you just burn out! 😉

  5. My vote is definitely book reviews, because I love the books you recommend. I’m knee deep in The Tipping Point (fascinating!) and Creative Counterpart is on hold at my library, thanks to you. And I have been meaning to email you, to kindly beg of you a list of your favorite books and authors for children. I get overwhelmed at the library, like the Journey Mama gets overwhelmed at Walmart. 🙂 I need some guidance!

  6. Ok, no kidding. I haven’t had a chance to come here to comment since this post first appeared in my inbox, but I finally made it here to say, “Won’t you please consider doing book reviews (both adults’ and children’s books) for your regular feature?” I think it would be sustainable, and something that’s so natural for you that it wouldn’t be stressful. I would also agree with what Motz said above but that might be harder to do regularly. Raw posts are best written spontaneously and from the heart, not as a matter of discipline. 🙂

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