What’s Up

So I wrote the purse post nine days ago, left it for some finishing touches, came back this morning and it is gone. I forgot to save it. In the meantime, my husband took some paid time off and had ten. consecutive. days. at. home. I say this for all of you kind souls who pity me on the weekends that he has to work: there are perks to the job. 🙂 We filled and filled and filled our quality time love tanks. Wouldn’t it be nice to have overflow tanks to save up for those mandatory call-in days out ahead?

I have been doing random normal things like

  • pulling weeds and mulching
  • convincing my boys that civilized people sleep with sheets on the mattress
  • washing pond water stained swimming clothes every day
  • arbitrating arguments about who has the whitest armpits
  • deep cleaning my boys’ bedroom (whimper)
  • pulling ticks off little people (Tick Twister, folks. That’s what you want.)
  • finishing up my scholars’ portfolios and report cards for evaluations
  • chopping rhubarb and washing fresh lettuce
  • baking the perfect asparagus quiche
  • wearing flip flops
  • singing in choir programs every weekend
  • sewing replacement button eyes onto the most beloved stuffed puppy
  • being mad at the dog for destroying three! pairs of crocs in one day
  • cleaning and painting a house for my brother-in-law’s family to move into
  • learning how to use a French press
  • praying for a quiet heart

That is what happened to the purse post. Time for another go at it. Next time. 🙂 Thanks for being so sweet about my very erratic schedule.

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