Feeling Icky

I haven’t been further than the mailbox for 5 days. Like many others, we are sick here at our house. It started with a few days of grouchy sickness, which I find harder to deal with than genuine misery. I hate to suspect people of faking to get out of school. Sometimes the call is easier, like when Addy said, “My belly hurts. It wants to watch Holly Hobbie so it can feel better.”

Yesterday Olivia suddenly wilted onto the couch and then it was a matter of one more person down every few hours. By this morning, the boys of the house were the only ones functioning. We share everything here, even germs, it appears. One of the things about homeschool is that you don’t go quite as many rounds with all the bugs that circulate, but we seem to succumb in the late winter. We have been so grateful for good health this winter, especially with Gabe working with sick people, then coming home in his scrubs and giving hugs all around before he gets into the shower. We just finished the first box of tissues for the season, so I would say we have been blessed beyond what we deserve.

Anyway, the Elderberry syrup and ibuprofen and Emergen-cee  have been our faithful stand-bys. I have a boy on the laundry and a boy making tea. We will be all right. How are you making it?

5 thoughts on “Feeling Icky

  1. “My belly hurts. It wants to watch Holly Hobbie so it can feel better.”
    I love her honesty! 🙂
    I hope y’all feel better soon. We have stayed blessedly healthy lately, but had our share of ickies earlier. I’m a firm believer in elderberry too.
    Wish I could make a batch of your chicken soup (yesterday’s recipe,) and bring it over.

  2. So sorry! We’ve been fighting the ickies with elderberry and lots of tea. Rosehips/ spearmint/ ginger and mint ( my own concoction) hope your back to good health soon!

  3. Four of the five of us have had the stomach flu in the last five days. Until today, I hadn’t set foot outside the house since last Friday. It was about as fun as you can imagine. I look forward to the day when I can put “one boy on the laundry and one boy making tea.” 😀

    Thanks for the elderberry syrup recipe. I might have to make some…I have elderberries languishing in the freezer, which seems like a shame.

    1. Oh, by all means, do put the elderberries to use. I think I even have my nurse husband convinced that it helps. 🙂 And it does get easier once the well children are able to help the sick ones.

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