It Got Warm!

I awakened early, saw the time projected onto the ceiling by the nifty alarm clock Gabe’s mom gave us: 5:33. Oops. Gabe was still in bed, and he should have left for work at 5:15. So that was how we hit the day, running. It was 5:38 when he guzzled the shake I had made and headed out the door. I peeked outside, saw the road snow-covered again, the flakes coming down like it was Christmas. Wow! The day could only get better. It did.

We sold our truck today, finally. It has been for sale for over 6 months, and at last it found a good home with a veterinarian. Then we had an appointment in Altoona and took the whole crew. Addy was so excited to wear her purple dress to Africa. What can I say, she doesn’t get out much. We ate at Chipotle for the first time. The children weren’t sure about kid’s meals with black beans and brown rice as sides, but I thought it was amazing. 🙂 They had quesadillas and organic chocolate milk, too, so all was well.

By the time we got back home, the temperature was a balmy 40 degrees. I took a brisk walk, something I  haven’t been able to do in weeks. There was a brilliant orange sunset hovering over the mountain, a clean blue sky etched with pure white jet trails. No grey. Well, there may have been grey in the snowbanks beside the road, but my face was lifted up and I was happy.

The End.


One thought on “It Got Warm!

  1. I think I understand Addy and her African trip. She will always go far and have many adventures whether she leaves her house or not. 🙂

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