Joy Wins

Isn’t it sweet that the winner of my book giveaway is a lady who I used to clutch onto my nine year old, not-so-ample hip and carry all over the strawberry patch where her mother and big sister were busily picking? That the person I used to make sit still while I attempted to put wobbly pigtails in her blonde wisps is now a squeaky new mother who won “Keep a Quiet Heart” just tickles me. Congratulations, Joy!

8 thoughts on “Joy Wins

  1. How to keep a quiet heart when I have just WON a GIVEAWAY on the INTERNET!?!? πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for the book; I look forward to reading it while feeding my tiny one.

  2. This makes my day! I saw the giveaway post before anyone had commented and decided to ponder my favorites before deciding my recommendation. My pondering went astray during the past few busy days of hosting guests and when I came back here today, the giveaway is over! (Which is okay since I don’t really need another copy of that book. πŸ™‚ I have a hard time deciding on a favorite, but some of my recent and current reads are- Trim, Healthy Mama; Loving Our Kids on Purpose (Danny Silk); The Full Gospel (Zac Poonen); One Woman’s Quest (Harvey Yoder); The Price and La Catracha (Pablo Yoder.) A few books I return to repeatedly are: Living on the Devil’s Doorstep; Project Pearl; Confessions of a Transformed Heart; These Strange Ashes; No Compromise; You guessed it- I go for biographies of missionaries/people in ministry. πŸ˜‰

    (Thank you for reading through my long list of books. And I didn’t even start on the children’s category!)

    1. I like your list. Lots I would like to get my hands on. But WHAT are you doing with THM? (I have it too, in pdf that I really dislike. Happened to order the wrong format.)

      1. THM? A gift from my Madre. I’m not interested in the weight loss (I didn’t realize that was the theme when I first saw it) but so far I’m impressed with the Biblical/balanced worldview on diet, and am especially interested in learning to keep my blood sugar stabilized.
        (Now do I have your permission to continue???)

    1. Hi Motz! Would you know how to answer that question if your little boy asked you? πŸ˜› I just saw some pics of your delightful little girls. Bring them to PA sometime.

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