Any Questions?

In my nest full of birdies, there is one who doesn’t gape his beak open as widely as the others, so I worry sometimes that he will fall through the cracks. When he is sick, he sits very quietly in a corner, demanding nothing more than to be left alone. He has always preferred to be quiet rather than blast his feelings around.

Last week he had a belly ache, and I found him scanning Gabe’s pharmacology textbook. I suppose he was trying to find a drug to help his condition? At any rate, I said, “Gregory, if you have questions, you can just ask Mama. This textbook is probably a little hard for an eight year old to understand.” 

He just looked down, grinned a little, so I probed, “Do you have questions now that you would like to ask?” 

“Well, I have some questions, but most of them I already know the answers to.” And that was all he would say. A little later he came to me with a paper, all folded up. “Here, Mama.”



Yes, he did copy them out of one of his favorite books, “Encyclopedia of Questions and Answers”. And yes, that was his idea of a joke. On the Stinker Scale, I would put that close to a ten.

4 thoughts on “Any Questions?

  1. I want a Gregory! Seriously, maybe someday I will have a little guy like him, doesn’t he remind you of his Uncle Nate? Too bad you already stole that name. 🙂

    1. Totally a little Uncle Nate. I remember many long evenings when all the noise we could create could hardly get him to lift his nose 6 inches away from his book 😉 Greg seems to get lost like that too. Hoping you have one too! (and me!… only maybe slightly more industrious. Haha!)

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