A New Creation

Just a week ago tonight we got to share with our son the glorious news that he can trade in the burden of a guilty conscience before God for the joy of forgiveness and freedom. It was not a new idea to him. He knew. “I just can’t do what is right, and then I am so frustrated because of it, and it just gets worse. I think about it, but then I just push it away.” He wanted the new heart. We saw him struggle with the decision, knowing he understood, but it was his choice. And oh, joy! We got to witness the goodness of God leading him to repentance. It was so sweet, so simple, so amazing!

My son got a new heart that night. I find myself wanting to hover over him, just like I do over my new born babies. I look into his peaceful eyes and I thank Jesus! I hear him struggle to be kind to his siblings and I see that sometimes it is hard. He is just ten, but already the journey is full of choices.

Here is what I want him to know:

  • Just walk in the light, Son. It is all about that! Jesus will always direct you in ways of light. Take care of the clouds immediately before they block out the sun.
  • It is a long, hard road sometimes, this Way of a New Heart. Believe, no matter how fierce the struggle, that you are already the victor!
  • You are never alone, Son. Never. When you can’t feel the presence of Jesus, find someone who can help carry you there.
  • Don’t lose the wonder of no longer carrying that oppressive burden. Rejoice in the free life!

The list could go on. I don’t want to hover too much, but I do so yearn over my son, my newborn son! What would you say to your son?

2 thoughts on “A New Creation

  1. What God is teaching me: That being a disciple of Jesus is not about a new set of behavior patterns, but all about who and what I love. Do I love myself, or Jesus? Do I love my stuff, or Jesus? Do I love my family, or Jesus? Yes, really; those are the conditions HE put down. When that becomes reality, a new set of behavior certainly will emerge! ….Blessings to you and yours!

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