Unspeakable Things

  • The state of the frying pan and the stove top after Gregory makes the eggs
  • The way my linen shirts look after I forget to get them out of the dryer
  • That moment when I finally discover what stinks in the basement
  • The sensation of reaching right into a fat grandpappy slug in the strawberry patch
  • The depravity of my heart without Jesus

And… switching gears a bit…

  • The cup of tea and the moment of blissful quiet while children play with kittens, enough kittens for everyone without a single fight
  • The realization that the child you thought would never learn, learned
  • The overpowering affection for a small, squishy, sweet human, your very own miracle 
  • The gratefulness for a green world, a warm and fruitful world
  • The joy of a Redeemer who restores my soul

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