My Dad is Turning Sixty!

I don’t think he would mind me making that announcement. 🙂 Hi Pops!
Today my little girl and I went grocery and birthday present shopping. We looked at flip flops in all the stores, while we wandered around waiting for inspiration to hit us about the birthday present. Here’s a true fact: by the time a man is 60, he has probably accumulated pretty much whatever he really needs, at least the kind of stuff that is “present-able”. I don’t think we can afford a dinghy for his pond this year. We bought flip flops and groceries, and we laughed and laughed at birthday cards. Inspiration did hit us in Target, (pun intended) but of course, I can’t tell what we bought!
It is actually really fun to not try to be practical and get something somebody needs. (That is usually what I do when I look for a gift. When Gabe was still in school, the children got one fun thing and the rest practical stuff for their birthdays/Christmas. You know you can’t just give snow boots or gloves…)
The thing about my dad is that he is always giving gifts. Neat little handpainted souvenirs from Haiti, funny gummy candies shaped like fast foods, pink stuffed dolls with binkies in their mouths, sippy cups and juice when the kids are sick, etc, etc. He is the essence of generous grandpa to our children and many others.
Just a shout out to those who know him… My dad is turning sixty on Sunday!

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