In Which I Purchase Some Pizzazz

Wanna guess what is the best purchase I have made in a long time? I will give you a few hints. There is a little color-starved worm in my brain every year when March rolls around. It is a sad little worm that is so done with grey and taupe and brown and grey. So I gaze in awe at the lovely Easter displays, and one of the reasons I love Easter candy so much is because of the fresh pastels it is wrapped in. Well, it is also usually chocolate. When I was younger, my sister and I would get spring fever and head to the closest source of fabric to buy our annual, terribly impractical pale green or light blue or lavender cotton yardage for summer dresses. I remember feeling like my life was complete when I could finally wear peach and pink. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I did buy some fabric for myself this spring. White, with a coral sweater to go with it. A bit of brilliance, but not my most brilliant purchase.

Has anyone else noticed the purses for sale this year? Maybe it is because I did about as little shopping as it is possible and still be a woman in the last three years, but this spring I just looked and looked at the purses, aisles and aisles of them. I fought the impulse, but gradually my black leather one from Goodwill just seemed too small and… black. One day I took yet another walk through the purses and I fell hard for a pink leather purse, just the color of the tulips that are not blooming yet. It makes me happy, which makes me feel just a little shallow, but I do believe the Lord understands. He made color, after all.

Still, the smartest purchase is none of those. I walked past the display of Sloggers at the local hardware store, and I decided the time had come to invest in some for myself. My children call them puddle boots, and they each have their own pair. When it rains and sogs, they head outside anyway, but I was always lacking the proper footwear. No more! I passed over the paisleys and the zebra print and the polka dots. Here is the color I bought.


Already I have fought a grass fire (accidental) while wearing them, and I have cleared brush with my husband while wearing them. Then he showed me how to run the chain saw, so I grinned down at my boots and cut down a nasty old thorn tree after he went to work. I slopped through our pasture and climbed the dirt piles in pursuit of a stranded tot. No more gingerly picking my way through the mud in old tennis shoes.ย I have every intention to go puddling with the children just as soon as I get a chance. And that makes me very happy indeed!

4 thoughts on “In Which I Purchase Some Pizzazz

  1. I love the bright cheery colors of these boots,and find myself watching goodwill for some for grandaughters.Years ago,they were only black or maybe gray.And called chore boots!Glad you could shop a bit.Yes,it does a womans heart good….

  2. It makes me happy to think of you with you lovely pink purse and charming puddle boots! ๐Ÿ™‚ You deserve it! And you must post a pic of you puddling with your kiddos too!

  3. I too am learning to love color, after years of sticking to neutrals.
    So happy you have this vibrancy and ‘specialness’ in which to celebrate everyday life.

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