Open Letter to a Young Friend

Today a conversation at church reminded me of a conversation I had with your mother about 14 years ago. She was describing the antics of her very “determined” little girl, shaking her head in bewilderment, not sure how to handle this little lady with her zeal for life and her strong opinions. At the time I had proven absolutely nothing in the area of child rearing, although I had plenty of ideas, and this is what popped out of my mouth, “Channel that determination in the right direction and it will be a real asset to her in life.” I remember the slightly startled look on your mother’s face as she conceded that I might be right. In retrospect, I think maybe she was startled at this bit of unsolicited advice from a green horn.

Now that I know you as a gracious young lady, I see that you still have determination. You are not a push over. You keep working at a thing to get it finished, but you are kind and thoughtful in the process. You don’t run over other people to get the thing you want.  You don’t sway in the breezes of every trend that comes and goes.  You are gracious in your opinions, yet you are not afraid to speak them. Here’s the thing: I do believe I was right when I said that to your mother so many years ago.

I look at my own small daughter, the determined one. Some days I use adjectives less kind to describe her willfulness. I understand now what your mother was saying, firsthand.  I see you, with your will surrendered to Jesus, and I see the loveliness of that. Then I take courage. “Channel that in the right direction and it will be a real asset to her in life.” Blessings to you today!

3 thoughts on “Open Letter to a Young Friend

  1. This sent shivers over me. I too have a determined one. This is timely advice for me today on this dreary monday morning. This was wisdom crying in the streets and I snatched a snippet out of the universe and heard it in my ear.

  2. I was very relieved that you had blogged. I am having my Monday morning coffee and was prepared to be quite let down by the wocket spot, should there be nothing new.

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