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Penny Pincher Tip 2: Magic Cloth

on December 5, 2012

My sister gave me not one, but two Magic Cloths. At first glance I thought they looked like a sort of glorified paper towel. I was skeptical, but she said I would love them. And I do! I cannot tell you how amazing they are for cleaning windows and mirrors… any surfaces, really. You should just try it for yourself. If you come to my house, I will let you wash my windows just for the fun of it. πŸ™‚

You simply wet the cloth and wipe down the dirt. I use a dry cloth to wipe the water off the windows, but that is not strictly necessary. The surface is left sparkling, streak-less and lint-free. No more money spent on chemical cleaners (unless you really want to). The cloth is supposed to work for up to 5 years. Yesterday when my friend was here to help me with my very crummy basement windows, I handed her paper towels and window cleaner just because I thought it would be a little gross to have bugs and spiders swirling in a bucket full of water. There still are situations where disposable stuff may float your boat.

When I was looking for helpful links, I saw that this actually requires a bit of an investment. More than I knew, since mine were gifts. I think my sis bought hers at some obscure little Amish store without a website, but you could try here or here.

Depending on how industrious you are many windows you have in your house, the average price of 6 dollars per cloth defrayed over 5 years is not too bad, wouldn’t you say?


4 responses to “Penny Pincher Tip 2: Magic Cloth

  1. El says:

    I love my cloth like that! And mine was a gift too. Wilmas Mom gave me one a few years ago, and I have used it a lot. I like how the children can clean windows and its much “less” streaky then it would be if I let them spray chemicals. (then they would empty the bottle) πŸ™‚ This is a great tip! I needed some encourgment this morning and decided to come see if you had blogged.

  2. Rachel says:

    wow those prices are ridiculous! I think I payed between 2-4 $ at said Amish store, so I can maybe get a case for you and you can resell at a slight profit πŸ˜‰ THAT is a penny making tip! By the way, I also love mine for dusting… you don’t need any pledge and it leave a really nice finish.

  3. Rachel says:

    …and washing the car! don’t let Gabe know, but this cloth takes bug and tar grime right off.

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