DIY Fruit Fly Trap

Because this is the season of abundant fresh vegetables and fruits, because I am assuming that you all detest those clouds of pests flying around the tomatoes ripening on the window sill, and because it is so easy to do, I share with you this tip (that I originally got from my sister-Long Live Sisters!). Pour a little apple juice into a tall glass. Construct a funnel out of paper, leaving only a tiny hole at the bottom for a greedy fruit fly to crawl through as it follows the scent of the juice. Tape the edges to secure them. Set this into the glass, making sure to push it down a bit to seal off the edges of the glass. The funnel bottom should not touch the juice. As you can see, it traps the flies quite efficiently and they cannot seem to find the exit again. I haven’t figured out how to kill them, but I do enjoy feeling this powerful.


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