Hello friends!

Today when I was trolling around my house, doing what homemakers do, (laundry) I found myself picking up odds and ends in the strangest places. The amount of the pickings is a phenomenon directly related to the number of people who live in a household, especially little people. Lollipop sticks, stray buttons, butterfly hair bands, plastic frogs, and what-in-the-world-is-it-doing-here? a permanent marker… all get a quick deposit into my pocket until I have time to sort them out.

You see, we really get into pockets around here. It isn’t just the mama. Where else would little boys keep their knives and rubber bands and springs pirated out of pens? Everyone knows little girls have to have a place for tissues and shiny candy wrappers and doll shoes.

When I found myself ruminating on a new blog name, I chose “Wocket in My Pocket” just because we love that book by Dr. Seuss, but mainly because I thought it described life around our house rather well. I hope it is easy for you, my friend, to remember. Thank you for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “Hello friends!

  1. I found your blog lately—probably through the link Luci Martin of Three Green Doors supplied the other week—and have been enjoying it so much that today I navigated back to your very beginning so I can read every blog, in order! It’s like getting a new book! Now I’ll have something to read for a while!

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