Roughing It

We are off on a weekend camping trip in the mountains, just 15 miles away from home. I spent the morning loading up our borrowed RV with the help of 5 extremely excited children. It was a little like trying to organize with a bevy of crickets hopping around me. I kept finding them doing unlikely things like snapping green beans on the bed above the driver’s seat, or hiding in the closets or stowing their camp chairs on top of the toilet. It should be a great time, seeing as we will have ample food, lots of good books to read, trails to hike and real beds to sleep on. The thing about camping this way is that it is so nice and comfortable. It feels wimpy to me, compared to the sleeping bag under the stars which used to be my preferred style. I mean, a heater? Only thing is, the bathroom and the fridge don’t work, so we will still be roughing it, wouldn’t you say? 🙂

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