Oh Yeah! It is Friday!

It is Friday, catch-up day here at our house. I still haven’t found a better system than the one I started last year, where we started taking Friday off from school. Since Gabe is nearly always studying, working, or sleeping after night shift on Saturdays, we finish up the week’s lessons then. I really hate coming to Saturday and working like a horse all day, so I opt to do that the day before, and just like that our Saturday is fun again! It works for us.

After a week of what can only be described as free-lance housekeeping, a bushel of tomatoes (I will share a great recipe in the next post), and a couple buckets of green beans, this house needs Friday! And here I sit, my 28 oz. mug of Earl Grey nearly empty, having accomplished nothing except feeding and dressing the littles. I don’t even care. I call it The Inertia of Too Much to Do. Eventually something will happen that will give me a kick in the rear and I will fly into action. But right now? It feels a little like the woman whose husband hid the cookies from his wife “for your own good”. She disagreed, “No, what is good for me right now is cookies!”

What is good for me right now is a Ginormous mug of tea and no schedule whispering dire threats. What do you do when you hit The Inertia?

11 thoughts on “Oh Yeah! It is Friday!

  1. This is hilarious. The inertia has hit here this morning too! it’s why I’m drinking my coffee and reading your blog instead of hanging out laundry, cleaning my house and getting ready to go away for the weekend,not to mention little girls with wild hairdos!:) (and mamas too) sssshhhh…..Was planning to do school 2day, but decided I don’t have time, we’ll catch up next week! Ha-maybe i’m normal after all, or maybe we’re two abnormals together:)

    1. Rhonda, you are so industrious… this is a shocking revelation. 🙂 Wouldn’t it be fun to live close enough so we could drop in on each other and discover the depths we sink to sometimes!

  2. All I can say is this is SO ME when my list is so long it will never get done….which is almost every day these days! Sometimes I will right everything down and then tackle the most important thing or the thing that bugs me most…doing that usually feels so good that I get some fire under me to wrestle with the rest. If that doesn’t work maybe I’ll take a nap or a bath :)… I just do my best every day, you can’t do better than that!

  3. The Inertia of Too Much to Do, thank-you for coining a phrase for that feeling, I know it all too well. Then there are days like today where there is so much to do, I can barely relax enough to enjoy my lunch. Oh well, my two youngest have a joint birthday party only once a year…

  4. Oh how I know this feeling! What I do is…first, finish my tea. Then, I convince myself to get up and pick up/put away JUST FIVE things. Yes, Five. Only Five. Five I can handle. By the time I’ve picked up five things, I am generally feeling a bit more energetic, perhaps able to tackle TEN. By the time I’ve picked up ten, on a good day, I’ve become Superwoman, able to clean up large messes with a single bound. On a bad day, at least I’ve picked up ten things. lol.

  5. The inertia of too much to do? I get out my Lysol wipes and clean the toilet. Then the sink. Then the counters. By now I am so invigorated with the clean chemical smell that I just sort of drift on, cleaning everything in my wake just so as not to have to put the lemony wipes away.

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