I am happy that you have found “Wocket in my Pocket”. Since this is a season in my life where I spend my days caring for five young children, I call it a mom-blog. I write to process what is going on around me, although I will quickly admit that it is usually loud and hungry at my house, so my posts are sporadic and hurried. My main goal is to encourage others to see the beauty of God’s goodness in our journey through life. This photo is from summer, 2012.



Here is an updated photo, everybody just a little bit older. It happens when we aren’t looking. (Photo taken by One Thousand Words Photography, Fall, 2013)



And now, for a photo from late 2015, same mischievous gleam in the eyes of certain young men, taller all around in the offspring, and maybe a bit tireder for the parents. We have a teenager now, and the baby has Opinions About Life. It’s not even a little bit boring at our house. We still find ourselves wondering who gave us permission to be parents when we know so little. But God is good and He gives us courage for the journey. He also keeps doing this amazing process of redeeming us from our own destructive ways and teaching us how to live wisely and well.

Family pic, 2015

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