Day by Day, a Song of Assurance

Today I had a chance to ride with a friend to an old fashioned Mennonite hymn singing. There was one song especially that clutched me by the heart, and when my friend showed me a short story about its origins, I decided to look it up and pass it on to you.

Carolina (Lina) Sandell wrote this hymn in 1865. This was just a few years after a deeply personal tragedy, where she had witnessed the drowning death of her father. The number is not exact, but it is believed that she wrote around 2000 hymns in her lifetime, among them the equally beloved “Children of the Heavenly Father.”

I have been listening to “Day by Day” again, letting those truths soak into my being.



3 thoughts on “Day by Day, a Song of Assurance

  1. This song is so dear to me and I’m glad you shared the hymn story. I also LOVE Children of the Heavenly Father! It figures that they were written by the same person. I didn’t realize they were so old, though. Honestly, there is nothing like those old hymns. At the risk of sounding very old fashioned, no music today has that kind of depth or timelessness. Thanks for writing this.

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