Day of Rest


God whispers. Everything else shouts. Life doesn’t look like this ^^^

so much as this.


The secret of rest is listening for the whisper in the hubbub.

Isn’t it amazing that He ordered up a day of rest for us?

One thought on “Day of Rest

  1. Ahh, sweet rest! I believe we can accomplish much in life if we learn the art of rest and know how to create margin in our lives. Sunday is such a day if we use it well. We now go out to lunch after church some weeks and then come home to hours of quiet. We share meals or our latest find is waffle house where a family can eat a yummy breakfast for lunch quite reasonably. Or sometimes we invite another family for a picnic at the park which is almost as easy. A picnic consisting of a great loaf of rustic bread with Italian cheeses, salami, cucumbers, tomatoes, and fresh spinach. It is an experience! We all have to find what works for us, but I know a lot of Sundays that completely miss the point of what this special day was meant to be–a gift of rest.

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