Thrills I Don’t Want

Last night I was playing a Dutch Blitz game with the older children when Gabe started streaming a Patagonia movie about freeskiing. Just like that the game was over as everybody flocked to see. I watched the guy flying down a mountain side, just ahead of an avalanche, his parachute/airbag pack strapped on his back, and I thought, “Now there is a thrill I can certainly live without.”

Shortly after that I read this post by one of the other WordPress 101 bloggers and thought about a similar list I have. My bucket list is probably not very thrilling to others, but I simply do not have any desire to do crazy things for the adrenaline rush. I prefer safety.

  • I don’t ever want to parachute out of an airplane. Or ride a roller coaster. As for that glass bridge in China? Just no. no. no. glass bridgeYears ago we used to visit my uncle’s farm where there was a 70 foot silo with a ladder going up the side to a tiny platform and catwalk at the top. My sister and her intrepid cousin climbed it at least 3 times in one day, just for the view. I only went up once and was glad to stay down after that. I didn’t care for rubbery legs. Even if we could see all the way to Trenton.
  • I don’t have any desire to eat escargot. Or any other slimy mussel things. Not even oyster soup or baby octopi. Mushrooms are enough of a stretch for me if I feel like something slimy. Which I don’t. Unless it’s tapioca. I can manage gelatinous tapioca.
  • I don’t want to go to a football game. Or a baseball game, for that matter. Once we were given tickets to a game and I couldn’t believe I forgot my book.  I sat there and tried to see from way, way out above third base somewhere. Seriously, it was so cold in the stands. More boring than cleaning the bathtub.
  • I do not ever, ever plan to go deep sea fishing again. Three times I have been on a small fishing boat. Every time I got so green around the gills I couldn’t function beyond moaning for land. My Grandpa always said you won’t get sick if you eat only dry crackers before you go out. It’s not true. The fish have plenty of food without my crackers.
  • I don’t have any longings to kayak in white water. I have this sweet sister-in-law who is a secret adrenaline junkie. I will gladly watch her babies while she gets her fix. I will even take care of them if she ends up in the hospital. Just don’t ask me to sign my life away before I get into an inflatable raft.
  • I have zero ambition to live in a McMansion. Imagine all that cleaning! Neither do I have a yen for a tiny house. I already live in one. Sort of. It’s great just like it is, except when I have company. A little more room to store the baking pans might be nice, but not 2 dishwashers side by side.
  • I don’t want to hike in grizzly country. Nope. Too many Drama in Real Life stories flash through my head. I don’t think I could carry a big enough can of pepper spray to feel safe.

Tomorrow I will regale you with a list of recreational things I love. I bet you can’t wait. Haha.

Do you have an un-bucket list? Tell me what I missed.

12 thoughts on “Thrills I Don’t Want

  1. I have no desire to travel anywhere with anybody under the age of thirteen, ever ever again. (But I will.)
    Also I have no desire to go or take my family winter camping, but your adventure with it almost tempts me. But still not quite. 😏
    I’m enjoying this month of daily posting from you! Good work!

  2. You prettu much covered it, even tho in my younger years I did some of the things you mentioned. Somehow having Littles ( or maybe it’s getting older) changes my idea of what a thrill is:)

  3. I would do the bridge in China. Or the jumping from an airplane with the parachute. Freeskiing or snowboarding or playing hockey or cheer leading or anything that involves an actual skill on my part–not so much.

  4. My list would be very calm too. The bridge, no way, or any others of the sort. I did something with my husband that was a stretch.. a fast sand dune ride, Florence OR. I would say it was worth it! Most times I like the calm things! I am enjoying your frequent posts.

    1. On our honeymoon we did a go cart race. It should have been an indication of our very different styles of thrill-seeking. 😉 But I need him to push me to new experiences sometimes.

  5. Although I am the intrepid cousin, having children changed me. I have no desire to bungi jump, or go high off the ground. I don’t even like walking across bridges. I’m always afraid that I look meek enough for some horrible person to throw me over the side.

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