A Little Fun

Two things happened last week when I was uncluttering. I found an old journal and I found an old photo that fit the era of the journal.

Dorcas, 18 years old

I spent a few hours just reading, and while people don’t die of mortification, it isn’t uncommon to have it humble them significantly. So here I am now, about 20 years later, and I am so grateful for a God who has been oh, so kind.


I wonder if, in another 2o years, I will feel just as astounded at the things that seem so large now, the things I mull over and stress about….


Oh, wait, that’s my mom. 😀

I did find an age progression website, but I didn’t think it was a very good job. Apparently I can expect my eyebrows to get bushier. It’s a safe bet that the glasses will not be this style, but I suppose they can’t predict that 20 years ahead.

Here’s to growing! Change is good, folks!




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