Airy Plans

My last post sounds a little dull to me. I did stuff in the last month. I just can’t quite… remember what. If I were to go back through my little one sentence diary, in which I recorded something every day, I would probably be reminded of how we filled the days. But that is in the bedroom and I am sitting on the couch, so we will let January slide into the past.

Today I recalled that I wrote a post every day last February, and, on a whim, decided to try it again. I am not promising anything, but it helps me to be motivated when I have semi-goals, at least. The lethargy will dissipate with the first sign of spring, I know, but for now, I need outside motivation. I haven’t even bought a 2015 planner yet. My husband did buy me a nifty new phone with my own calendar on it to sync with his calendar, but it is much more satisfying to ink out a list than to touch a little checkmark on a screen.

Here is how it happens: when I write “defrost freezer” on my whiteboard, it needs to get crossed off; if I just think about it, it bugs me too much and I quickly let the thought slip away to a more convenient time. Admittedly, I have been avoiding making lists because then I am obligated to do something about them. There is some scrapple in my freezer right now that has become so iced in I can’t budge it. What a shame.

I am dubbing February “declutter house and write every day month”. It collects and collects, the stuff that smothers and drives me batty. Last year, in August I think it was, I suddenly noticed a pine cone on top of a book shelf. It had been there since Christmas. I had even dusted under it a few times. I don’t want that to happen again.

Here is to a new month, with a little fire under it. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Airy Plans

  1. I haven’t put away my nativity scenes yet…but then, why put them away just because December is past? Here’s to February, then! A great month.

  2. Dorcas, I must tell you what comfort your post about midwinter was to me. I loved your mothering heart for your kids even on the hard days. Even without frigid temperatures or snow, I seem to get this January slump every year. I am told it has more to do with lack of sunshine and that we should all be taking vitamin D, but I forget every year because by the timeI feel bad enough, it’s almost over. Best wishes on your decluttering endeavors! I found moving to be the best ever for that venture. Also have been so inspired by Josh Becker’s blog about mininmalism. I know, extremes are everywhere but they can help to balance us if we let them.

    1. I appreciate the blog recommendation. It looks fascinating. I remember some days, too, about the vitamin D but it should be part of the regimen of every day…

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