Dresser Remake


The finish on the boys’ dressers was very thin and easily sanded off. I made them take extra time to clear out all traces of the aforementioned carving.


We loved the green color and almost decided just to leave it with that, but then we couldn’t have messed with the white paint and plaster of Paris.


I wanted you to see how I look with a cheesy grin and my eyes shut  nondescript this dresser really was.


The plaster of paris in the paint made an incredibly hard surface. I had sanded it once, then applied a second coat with just plain paint. It took a lot of pressure to get the white sanded down to show bits of green. This is the step you do not ever want to attempt without a power sander.

We stained the tops in ebony and then we strayed from the tutorial and used polyurethane instead of the wax they recommended (because we had it on hand and it worked fine).

I am ridiculously pleased with our end result, probably largely because of our panicky moments yesterday. Last night I went to bed consoling myself that often painting projects look much better when they are dry. Sure enough, this morning things had taken a turn for the better. I have a really hard time being random when I do something artsy and I think the greenish spots reflect me being studiously random. I should have let Gabe do that, because he is much more skilled with this sort of thing. It bugs me a little, but not enough to do them over.

Who is gonna write on these dressers?


“Not us!”

5 thoughts on “Dresser Remake

  1. Your back yard looks so happy!:) And yes, the pictures of you make me want to see you just a big bit more! The dressers are beautiful!

  2. Thank-you for the interesting pictures. I enjoyed hearing about AND seeing your project. And YOU! 🙂

  3. I am so proud with you on your accomplishments! What a good feeling, and especially when it turns out so well as this did. You must be incredibly inspired these days! 🙂

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