Slow Start: Noticing

I sit here, thinking about the day. Always the weather forecast. Snow, then rain.

This tiny cup of regular coffee, the last 4 ounces in the French Press, is really pretty great. I don’t feel well on coffee, so I limit my habit to decaf or miniscule amounts. I picked the smallest mug in our cupboard, the pink one with glaze drips and a heart on the front.

I am in my office. My son is clomping through the kitchen in his leather boots, opening doors. “Thanks for making me a sandwich, Mom,” he calls.

I see the neighbor’s kid dawdling at the end of their lane, hands stuffed in pockets, beanie pulled down tightly, waiting for the bus.

My own school-kids are still sleeping. I hope Olivia’s cold is better this morning. The other two are cocooned in sleeping bags in their camper/playhouse. They were going to cook soup on the hot plate for their bedtime snack last night, and I feel certain they took enough provisions for breakfast too.

Oh, there’s the bus. How our lives would have to skitter into high gear if we needed to catch a bus! I savor the calm: only the whoosh of the furnace forcing hot air through the ductwork, and my felt-tipped pen making tiny scritchings.

This office is a mess. Everybody stows homeless things in here and shuts the door. Somebody really should do something about it. That Christmas wrapping paper- is it worth storing for a year? There is a stack of thrifted books, titles we love and some we never read but they have familiar authors. The shelves are full, but for a quarter a piece I have no resistance. There’s also a pile of Dr. Seuss and P.D. Eastman, because we have had short visitors recently. Then there is the yarn basket, shoved in here for safekeeping from the short visitors, and the completed tests that need to be filed, and the hamper full of extra blankets from overnight company in December. Really, somebody should do something about this stuff.

In my office there is not one pen I do not like. I fire them into the trash can if they so much as falter or sputter. I burn nice candles in here, not too highly scented because the room is small.

On the walls I display my children’s art- the detailed zentangles my oldest son gave me and the block prints the girls made in art class. There’s the cellophane-wrapped watercolor Gabriel brought me from Puerto Rice, with that brilliant tropical street, and the acrylic painting I attempted at a ladies’ activity. It’s not that good, but it’s the nostalgic view I had out my kitchen window in Osterburg for years, my garden and Gabriel’s barn.

I should organize and declutter in this room. It is the least-finished of all our remodel projects, but it’s my spot and the pens are good.

I pick up my empty coffee mug, slip out, and shut the door.

6 thoughts on “Slow Start: Noticing

  1. I’m thinking I ought to do that course as well! I’m enjoying your noticing of life details that so easily slip by without a second thought… especially when I have my eyes glued to a screen. Life is rich for the living; why don’t I savor it more?

  2. I have the same “thing” about pens! I didn’t realize other people do. I love to organize and declutter so my fingers would itch to do your room! Maybe you should try and get Organic for sure! Never have I had such delicious coffee and it doesn’t bother my tummy! Other decafs don’t hold a candle to organic Sumatra decaf! They have sales all the time and that’s when I buy it.

  3. My greatest problem area in housekeeping is our office as well. It has a door, and it’s too easy to shove things in there. Especially items that we don’t know what to do with. It also contains boxes of papers, school items, memorabilia etc that multiply in volume every single day. This week I made a valiant attempt to attack it- it’s much more than can be quickly conquered in the scattered snippets of time available for such non-urgent projects. But I can attack it by dealing with one stack or file or box at a time. Anyway. I got weary of the decision making and allowed myself to check email for a welcome interruption. I was much heartened to find this post and find out that someone out there understands. 🙂

  4. Please share the brand names of your collection of Good Pens as I’ve been on a search…
    I’m enjoying your posts! Taking a writing course in the middle of a gray cold winter is a splendid idea.

    1. Gladly! For smoothly rolling pens, I like Pilot V5 rolling balls with extra fine tips. That is gel ink and can bleed through thin paper though. For Bible marking and lots of other occasions, I use Pigma Micron pens, now available at Walmart. ☺️ They do not run or bleed and you can get super fine ones. Rarely do I use a normal ball point pen, but when I do, I like Zebra.

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