Catching Up

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If you were to sit at my house, in one of those dusty folds in the curtains the stink bugs like so much, you would see us pegging away at school day after day. Sometimes we are inspired and sometimes we just do it because it is the thing that must be done.

Gregory wallowed in adjective clauses for a while, but then he started to recognize the relatives in sentences, and he pulled ahead strong and steady again. I love language so much that it is just fun to refresh my own memory from grammar lessons of long ago. Olivia was very distressed to discover that she has to do a course in Pennsylvania history this winter, but now she has learned to search Google and how to print photos and even how to draw little illustrative maps of the state’s industries. It has turned out to be fun, the thing she does first in the day. I say this as a homily for myself: just getting started is kind of important.Β I also decided the time was right for my Addy to start 1st grade curriculum, and she has powered through 3 units in 2 weeks, sharpening her colored pencils obsessively so that she can use them for her lessons. None of the others had this need to achieve. It’s her drive to catch up, which isn’t going to happen for a while, but I don’t discourage her.

Gabe asked me why I didn’t post at all in January, now suddenly I am doing every day for a month, and I laughed, a little embarrassed to admit that it’s just how I work. I have actually written lots, and dredged up past writing too, in anticipation of this month. For the first time in my history, I have planned out my posts, so you may see a sort of outline as we go along.

  • Sunday and Thursday: preaching to myself posts/ inspirations
  • Monday: something bigger than my world
  • Tuesday and Friday: life around the house
  • Wednesday: miscellany/ reposts
  • Saturday: book reviews

I think you will see a theme, too, which seems to squeeze out in most of the stuff I write currently, even in the books I recommend.. I dislike hobby horses, as a general rule, but I have one. I will see who guesses it first.

I have not regretted taking a Facebook break this month. Occasionally I dip in for a minute or two to check on something, and I find myself fighting to pull back out. It’s not like my life is impoverished without all the extra knowledge of what the rest of the people are up to, but it is just so interesting and there went a half hour, zing! I have spent the extra time reading, crocheting hats, checking math lessons, making slightly lop sided pottery, etc. Nothing profound has happened, but I do feel lighter when I am not loaded down with all the noise. I haven’t been keepingΒ  up with the news either, except just the weather forecast, which is extremely head-in-the-sand. There is no lack of drama in my life, even so. I am learning to enjoy this centering process, back to b-a-s-i-c-s.

My husband has now studied hard, HARD, for a year. He has three months to go before his fast track BSN is completed. Both of us are feely antsy and just want the pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel to open up wide into fresh air and some leisure time. It’s only been a year, I know. Fast-tracking a degree means the pain is shorter, but more acute. That’s all I have to say about that.

I am on the fence about keeping my Wocketinmypocket page on Facebook. I know it is nice for those who depend on that platform to get notifications of posts.Β  I vastly prefer the dialog to happen in comments on the blog instead of Facebook, where a quick “like”, although a friendly wave in passing, is an unsatisfactory form of feedback for me as a writer. I will not be posting this month’s stuff on Facebook, but there is a handy share button at the bottom of the webpage, where you can feel free to share all you want. You can also subscribe by email if you wish for updates in your inbox.

Here’s to February, friends!


11 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I’m a little disappointed in the no fb notification πŸ€” but I’ll be gracious and have you send me the notices via email. Because you see, I dearly LOVE these daily posts and look for them every Feb! Though I do confess to forgetting about them until they show up and then, yep, I check for them everyday! Only regret I have…… is that I’m a “mummy” now and I really would have loved to have had such inspiration in my “mom days”. But now, I enjoy them all the more because I can just sit back and enjoy with no pressure to perform. πŸ˜‰ I really look forward to the month. May God bless you as you share with all of us who are listening…. uh, reading.

  2. I haven’t checked in in blogspot for awhile, but suddenly I’m like “it’s February and Dorcas posts every day—will she this year?! You didn’t disappoint:) thank you for inspiring me!

  3. I love your February posts! Granted, I’d love your January ones, too but… ☺ In regards to Facebook pages, hmm. I didn’t like the idea, at first, of feeling like I’m flaunting my stuff in front of people’s faces — “Look, Look! See what I wrote?” But I finally made peace with that because, after all, nobody made them follow my page. Personally, seeing as how acquiring many comments on the blog practically requires a giveaway, I’ll take as many friendly waves as I can get, Facebook or otherwise! πŸ˜‰

    1. I know what you mean…any feedback is welcome. It’s just that “like” isn’t specific enough to give me constructive input, but of course it is nice to be liked. πŸ˜†

  4. I’m still mulling over the theme you allude to. I see some threads weaving topics of contentment, gratefulness, faith, and endurance in the hard times.

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