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The 28th

on February 28, 2017

Just like that, we are done with the short month. I can hardly believe how quickly it whizzed by and Wow! do I have hopeful plans for March. I doubt we can squeeze in all that I aspire to, but I want to clear out the house, make great strides toward the finish of the school year, paint a few things, plant early veggies in the garden, take some jaunts out of state, finish a scrap book that I started three years ago, and help my daughter with a simple pattern she is learning to sew for herself.

And now, a photo that came up when I searched for “waving goodbye” on Pexel. Isn’t it wonderful?


Goodbye, February.



4 responses to “The 28th

  1. Aunt Marie says:

    How refreshing it sounds! But I don’t want to see spring till 1 April!

  2. Tina ~ says:

    I certainly enjoyed hearing from you daily (Almost ) this month!:)
    Hope you are able to put a big dent in your March projects. We’ll be waiting to hear about them, ha!:)

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