A Chilly Story

Bob the Penguin


Bob the penguin lived on the ice. He was happy except for one thing. He only ate icicles, chopped icicles for breakfast, raw icicles for lunch, and minced icicles for supper.

Bob was tired of icicles. So he went to the sea. He looked into the water. Sudenly ย he saw something flash past then he saw it agian. After a while he jumped in and swam after it untill he caught it he then eat it. Because all the swiming made him huggry. And to his surprise it tasted good.

So for the rest of his life he eat fish.

-written by Olivia on a cold and blustery day


(pexel free photo)


(Can you tell where she got tired of checking her spelling? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

(Also, Olivia hates fish. I find that doubly amusing.)


4 thoughts on “A Chilly Story

  1. She’ll be an interesting writer like her mother some day. I enjoy your blog,even though my children are grown. I do love a good sense of humor. It will get you past the rough spots in life ,for sure !! And the ability to poke fun and laugh at yourself is priceless !! Have a good night !!

  2. That’s a cute one!:) And, well, maybe someday she’ll be able to say for herself like the penguin did about eating fish…’to her surprise it tasted good.’ Ha!:)

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