When You Are Eight


I am the big girl around this house, even though my brothers think I am really kind of little and weak. I have a mighty spirit though. So what if my arms are skinny and I need help pouring milk from a full gallon?  I am smack in the middle of the family. My brothers are much bigger than me and they think they know so much more than I do, but I show them pretty often that I am not ignorant at all! (Especially when I tell my mom that they were eating chocolate chips from the pantry.) When I was only 1 year old, I had a baby sister; when I was 3 I had another baby sister. So I learned pretty fast to do things like brushing my own hair and making beds and running errands.

My mom depends on me a lot. She says I inherited my grandma’s genius for cleaning up super fast. I don’t know why, but I just love to turn a really messy place into a neat and clean place. I can scurry around and surprise! I think it is more fun to live without a lot of rubble in the house. Sometimes when I have to clean up, I don’t feel like it, though. It’s kind of funny how that works, don’t you think? I doubt my grandma is like that.

The thing is, I share a room with two little sisters who are just so good at leaving clothes on the floor or dumping out all the doll clothes and then they run off and play. It just makes me despair sometimes! They expect me, the cleaner girl, to have fun picking up their messes, but there is a limit to how much a person can bear. I tell my mom how I feel about that: the little girls should clean their own messes!

I really love our dog Lady. She is sometimes a nuisance, but I defend her every time she is in trouble. I have a soft heart for anybody who is trouble, which is why I sometimes regret that I told my mom that the boys ate the chocolate chips. They call me a snitch and then I feel sorry for myself too, and I don’t feel so bad after all that they had to pay for the chocolate chips out of their allowance.

I think my favorite thing in the whole world is going out for breakfast with my dad after I have a lab draw. I get blood-work done every 3 months, then we have a date. I feel so special then that I don’t really mind the needles. The other children get jealous and want to do blood-work too, but this is something that is just mine and I don’t have to share it.

It’s kind of neat, being the middle child. Some days I have to be big and do every bit of my homework and stuff like that, and other days I can skip penmanship practice and have a tea party with my little sisters. I work really hard to get 100% on all my tests in school, because I get a dollar bonus for that.

It’s so hard to save money because every time we go past the stuffed animals in a store, I just feel like I have to get one. Sometimes my mom lets me pick out one at Goodwill, then we wash it in hot water and fluff it in the dryer. I can afford that better than the Valentine’s teddies at Walmart. Lady ripped up a whole bunch of our teddies, so now we don’t have too many anymore. My mom thought it was a mercy, but I didn’t know who to feel sorry for, the teddies that got trashed or Lady who knew she was bad.

I want to be good every day of my life. Sometimes I just do not know how to be peaceful with my siblings when they are so annoying, so I just go tell my mom. She doesn’t always like that, but when I feel bad, we pray and then I can go to sleep at night.  I love Jesus with all my heart, even though I am only a little girl who is 8.

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