When the Cat’s Away

Our three older children went on a field trip today with the church school. It made for a very strange void for me. What to do with a whole day off school??? I thought I should really hit some projects that have been languishing for lack of a block of time. One of the things about homeschool that nobody told me is the obvious: there is no substitute. There are no off days. When you aren’t doing school, you are tearing around catching up with all the stuff you don’t get done on school days. It doesn’t always look very graceful. 😀

Last night my sister-in-law texted me about getting together so the children can play and we decided on a play place in Altoona called Slinky’s Action Zone. It was just me and the two smallest tots. They loved it! As it turned out, it was a free day. By the sheer numbers of little children bouncing off the stuff in the soft-play area, it would appear that a lot of people are feeling housebound. I had fun sitting and holding baby Chloe while the girls wore themselves out with their cousins.




This is what time-to-go-home faces look like. We attempted one group photo outside the door, under the giant Slinky. These nieces and nephew fit neatly into the gaps between our children. They could all be ours, 🙂 except Addy is only 6 months younger than Logan.



And I will definitely take little Chloe anytime!

One thought on “When the Cat’s Away

  1. Those places are so.much.fun!! And to leave is cause for lots of sadness. I want to play on one too, especially now, when the winter pressed inward and I sag under the weight of my yearly S.A.D.

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