Give-away, Just Because

I appreciate you, every single one of you who take time to read my stuff that I have the temerity to put out there. I haven’t figured out blogging yet, whether it really is a good thing or a rather dubious platform for narcissism. E. B. White said, “To air one’s opinions freely is to imply that the demand for them is brisk.” Dear, oh dear, but what would he say to bloggers?

One thing I like is the feeling of connectedness with others. I like when I hear from another person who has walked in my shoes and made it; I feel grateful when something I write gives courage to another who is just stepping into what I described. Feeling all alone is, to me, the worst of the human condition. That is where I see the merit of the modern blog and the comments upon it. (Haha. You saw that coming, didn’t you?)

I have been writing for years, but it was nearly all private. I never knew how much fun it is to get feed back from readers. Recently I went on a scarf making spree with that ruffly yarn that one sees all over the place. It was so easy that I made three in a row and I decided that I want to give one away, just because I appreciate you. It isn’t complicated. Just that. Thanks for reading.

And in order to win the scarf, you have to comment. 😀 Tell me one thing about yourself that isn’t obvious to the casual observer. Of course, you could just say that you want it, or you want to give it away to someone, but that wouldn’t be quite as much fun, now would it?

My photographer was my seven year old, so we had a funny little trial and error photo shoot.


Oops, sorry Mama. I kind of cut off your head. (But that is the scarf.)


Oops. Giggle. I kind of did it again.


Uh-oh. Shall we try again?


Well, here we are, closer up. It’s a medley of colors, so it goes with almost anything.

I will choose a winner next Saturday and send the scarf out in plenty of time for Christmas. (And I am dreadfully sorry, but I want to keep the postage in the USA. If a resident of another country wins, I will gladly ship to a friend or relative.)

32 thoughts on “Give-away, Just Because

  1. I am a very ordinary sort of person so I don’t have any shocking thing to say… Well the shocking things about myself will just stay unrevealed. Anyway, last week I discovered that apparently I have the ability to cough so hard that my ribs shift. At least that is what the dr said. And since that involves unbearable pain I think a free scarf would definitely help me feel better!

  2. The pictures made me chuckle !! The scarf is pretty!! I love love love reading your blogs 🙂 please don’t stop blogging 🙂 Something about me , I get hot flashes and get very warm around my neck so scarves are somewhat off limits at this time of my life 🙂 If I were the chosen winner I would probably give it to someone who would just love to have one 🙂

  3. First of all I love the scarf and the lady wearing it. :). A casual observer wouldn’t know that gratuitous apostrophes can really annoy me and make me want to start teaching about how to use them properly.

  4. Well, this probably sounds pretty silly, but I am more excited about saying something about myself than I am about getting the scarf. There, that is probably a shocking revelation in itself, eh? I think I am much more passionate and feel more deeply than most people imagine. 🙂 Oh, and the scarf is lovely and one can never have too many lovelies!

  5. haha… I had to think a bit on this one and ahem.. I asked my husband too. Because I do not loudly throw my opinions around, most people think I’m quiet and un-opinionated , but well, my husband and I both know that I am actually quite opinionated, I just save them for people that really want to hear them. 🙂 So i guess that’s one thing. I’ve had a scarf like this on my wishlist for awhile and although I have very little faith in winning giveaways, you just never really know when the lucky moment will come to pass, so I’ll join!

  6. I would not wear the scarf… but my wifey would love it! I am a ‘closet Pintrest guy’ hehe. I also like cooking! (the apostrophes are for Becca)

  7. Well for number one; I really like your blog. I come away encouraged and I usually think of a reply I would love to give, but I need to get in a better habit of actually doing it. I am glad you blog so don’t think too hard about it. And now for a truth about me, I sometimes enjoy writing and have had people encourage me to…but I know I couldn’t handle it and I know my limitations. I am afraid I would use the platform for the wrong reasons. Something like venting for self pity or pride or spending too much time thinking about how to word something as I’m not a natural and thus neglecting my kiddos. So I greatly respect and admire you for being willing to work through those things and allowing God to use you. Please don’t stop your gift. Another truth about me; I joke that I would still make our bed even if there was a fire. I hate leaving the bedroom with an unmade bed. By the way, I admire the fact that you got a scarf made.

  8. Not sure what to tell you about me that most people don’t no…. Maybe the fact that I am very impatient and when I want something done I want it done today (for example) it really gets me in trouble sometimes! The scarf is lovely and so are you! Please don’t quit writing!!! I enjoy every post!

  9. What fun comments and what a fun lady and her seven year old little girl and what a fun scarf! I am one of those people who get lots of courage from reading your blogs and most times just when I am stepping into the situation you already know all about and dealt with and have conquered. 🙂 I admire you deeply, but of course, you already know that. Oh, and for a fun fact about myself. Since pregnant is mostly what I think of these days, I will give you a pregnant fact. I blush terribly when I am pregnant. Deep and rich and red. For myself and for others. I even blush deep and rich and red when there is nothing to blush about, which of course makes me blush a double blush and makes me so sweaty I usually have to find an open door or window somewhere. I am going to go blush now.

  10. I certainly love reading your blog and about all the adventures of a family with many children…at this point in my life and from The place in which I currently live, the mere fact that I am a Mennonite is entirely shocking to many people….but I think the most shocking thing is that my husband and I can easily stay up until the wee wee hours of the morning on any given night. Also, if i should be the lucky winner ( hahah) i could give you a US address and you wouldn’t have to ship internationaly…

  11. Dort, I read every post of yours with great anticipation. Your occasional references to local people & places always send me down memory lane. Thanks for being a link to my ancient history. And thanks for your honest writing. Even when it’s not “pretty” because those are some of your best writings.

    Something you don’t know about me… Hmmm, maybe that I’m a closet scarf-wearer? Nah. Not at all believable.

    How about the fact that when Paige & I finally got married, we had been interested in each other for a combined time of 14 years? But never told each other. Well, we did shortly before getting married, of course. 🙂 Oh. And she now has a great scarf collection. Always room for one more, I guess.

  12. What a cute scarf and made by your very own hands! Double awesome. I want it! Random tidbit that I must divulge to leap into this game? Hmmmm ok, well, I’m terribly horribly painfully shy. Nobody believes me, but it almost causes me to die to talk to new people. Nothing makes me happier in crowds then to be utterly ignored.

  13. I don’t want to win because I am a denim person rather that a scarf person. But I greatly appreciate your posts.

  14. Your blog is one of the most real, honest and encouraging ones I follow. Keep it up!

    Something about me .. hmm mm maybe that something as a new pair of white socks make feel socks and my walking shoes make me happy. Quirky, I know:)

    Now, will you teach me how to make a scarf like that? Please?

  15. I echo everyone who has said “please don’t stop writing.” I love your blog.
    I am trying to think of something about me that is not obvious to the casual observer. This is not easy, since I was recently described as “what you see is what you get.”
    Maybe I’ll settle for this fact about me: I dearly love people, but I do not especially care for crowds. And my home and privacy are my refuge. There. Now no one will believe I love people anymore.

    1. Oh and how could I forget to say that scarf is so lovely! I would love to win and add it to my collection. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  16. I really enjoy your blog! And it’s always nice to get a little glimpse of Bedford life through you, so please don’t stop! A fact: I love doing laundry and all that goes with it. Namely having a large stock of detergent and fabric softener. Thank you coupons! =)

  17. I so enjoy reading your blog because I feel like you n I would ‘get’ each other. 😉
    Me trivia: I have loved writing from a young age, and write every day – but I absolutely despise and hate grammar and have no knowledge of how to use it. Please don’t hate me. 😉
    Me trivia #2: I am a very practical person, generally, but deep inside is a little girl who loves a good fairy tale.

  18. The scarf is beautiful and you are too. Good job! I am Canadian, so I can’t join the giveaway. My secret is that I’m kind of tired of ruffly scarves. They make me feel sort of weird about the neck and I’m never sure if I like them, maybe because last year in our church everyone and his brother wore them constantly.

    Other secrets? I cry a lot. I don’t know how to write properly grammar-wise. (But you’ve probably already seen that.)

    The E.B. White quote is great. I love E.B. White! I battle the whole narcissism thing a lot, especially just after I hit “publish” on a blog post or facebook update.

    Your blog is one of my favorites. You seem to be a humble and real person, but not real in the uncomfortable sense of the word.

  19. The thing I like the most about your blog is how real and honest you are about life. You’re not afraid to show the mess and chaos, the creative and perfect. I should probably say that I also love that you allow your children the eat cocoa pebbles out of mugs while sitting in a tree:) About me…I’m a lover of all things beautiful but also extremely practical and sometimes I get tired of everyone thinking of me as just a plain old practical person (haha) and I would like to be known as creative instead of just practical. I would also like to be the winner of this scarf:)

  20. I love your blog because of how real you depict real life. I laugh and cry right along with you. Wish I could write everyday happenings, as fluently as you do. You also inspire me when I’m discouraged with the everyday life, so please keep writing. This is one blog I wish had a daily entry. 🙂 The scarf is lovely, but how the pictures were taken humored me greatly. Maria

    1. Oh, the part that no one knows about me? I guess the fact that I really DO like nice home interiors, but I don’t have any because of the headache of cleaning it, or children knocking stuff around and breaking it.

  21. I very much enjoy reading your blog posts. They make me laugh. 🙂 Your sense of humor and witt is truly something I love.
    Something about myself… I am paranoid about full fridges. I like fairly empty fridges and will go to great lengths to make them look un-cluttered.

  22. I really like reading your blog … that way I can visualize you folks in every day life!
    I am a wintery scarfy person … and it would be a memory scarf …I could ‘member you all when I wear it!
    Somethings about me that I even startle myself sometimes when I do it … I really do not like to go into a place of business the first time alone … I will actually pass a place for several years before I am brave enough to stop in … but when I have someone with me I want to stop at all the little shops enroute …
    also I don’t like to order food when we go out to eat so hubby pipes up “she will take grilled chicken salad with ranch dressing on the side” … there are just too many options out there …

  23. I so enjoy reading your blog, it’s always full of encouragement and amusing moments, just what a mom like me needs! I also didn’t know anything unseen or interesting about myself, until just a moment ago… I realized I can actually go into gales of laughter when brother pukes in the living room for the second time in 30 minutes, only this time on baby dear’s head. Yes, this is the best I can come up with, and yes, I would like to win this scarf 😃

  24. Me, interesting fact that you may not know? Well, I like to eat in weird locations. I’d rather enjoy my breakfast almost anywhere other then the kitchen. I’m talking about a cozy chair, the porch, bed, shower, you name it. (My crumb hating husband, not so much.) So this habit gets indulged in if he is at work. Nice scarfing! (bahaha! what a ridiculous pun!)

  25. I love your blog. I doubt you have any idea how often my soul has been encouraged to stay on in the fight! I often sleep with socks cause 9 times out of 10 my feet are cold. At least I used to. Now my hubby is my foot warmer. 😉 I’ve asked him and he says he doesn’t mind.

  26. I always find something to relate to, laugh about, or sympathize with in your writings. There’s been times I’ve been weary of mothering 6 littles and your words helped encourage me that I’m not alone!! One weird fact about me, other than bed having to be neatly made daily, and loving to do laundry and iron… I cannot abide crooked wall hangings:( was at my mom in laws house on Sunday and she’s been house cleaning. I secretly went around straightening pictures cause my skin was just itchy looking at them!! Thanks again for taking the time share your thoughts!

  27. Our family is having a gift exchange for the first time ever. A gift exchange with the stipulation that all the gifts be hand crafted. I have been having this vision that all the gifts are going to be scarves. We will open scarf after scarf after scarf package. 19 of them. Won’t that be a colorful surprise?

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