A Question

I have a son (not mentioning names here or anything) who baffles me and delights me and makes me howl with laughter and irritates me terribly by turns.

How is it that the person who last brushed his teeth “the day after tomorrow” (he was serious) can tell me long involved stories about the digestive processes of owls?

How can a child who forgot every day where his seat was at the table even though it never changed, be able to show me the perfect little chef delineated by Minnesota, Wisconsin, and so on, ending with the Kentucky frying pan where he is making chicken?

And today when I told him to put the gloves away “where they belong”, he said, “I am going to need latitude and longitude for that.” Yet he could quote verbatim a long Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.

Can somebody tell me what is up with that?

Can somebody tell me whether I should continually pull him ruthlessly back to reality and the job at hand, or should I laugh and let it go?

7 thoughts on “A Question

    1. Yeah, and Thomas Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” The perspiration part was probably what his mother taught him. 😀

  1. Sounds like his brain is far to focused on the details and not leaving space for the ordinary(common stuff), like names, places, times. Albert einstein was expelled from school because he was unteachable and retarded. mhhmmm. according to the ordinary folk that is. God doesnt make mistakes..his brain was intended to be that way for a purpose, as long as its good and doing good..then rejoice:)

  2. I am going to need latitude and longitude for that… LOL. LOL. This child sounds brilliant, and very much like an uncle of his that I know.

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